I'm a sophomore (soon to be junior) in high school, and I enjoy the simple things in life.

Mellow Music

May 15, 2014

PROMPT: Playlist Selfie


If you ever wanted to know me, just take a listen to my life. Not literally, of course, but if you were to listen to a playlist describing my life you would probably be introduced to a lot of things you've never heard before. Some may be reluctant to take a dip in the waters of uncharted territory because they feel happy floating in the sound of mainstream music, but in my opinion it really is more interesting in the deep end. It sounds incredibly "hipster" of me to make a conclusion like this, but I think if you were to listen to music that you weren't exposed to everyday, you may discover some hidden treasures.

I'm often described as a very mellow person and in the list of my top five songs at the moment, you'd certainly see that. Two particular songs I love are, "Always" by Panama and "Riptide" by Vance Joy. I find these songs very relaxing and up lifting. They take me to a beach with soft white sand, palm trees, with the great blue sea crashing along the shore before me. A perfect day would be lying in a hammock in paradise, swaying in the ocean breeze with salt in my hair, and listening to songs like these. These are only a couple of tunes out of the many that are similar that I find myself replaying over and over.

Although my personality is very laid back and relaxed, I love a good beat and exciting, fun music. One example of this is, "Paris" by Magic Man. Whenever I hear this song I just want to get up and start dancing because it is that entertaining. You know if I'm willing to get up in front of people and dance because of a single song, it must be a pretty electrifying (since I'm not the type of person to do that kind of thing). This song, along with many others that I listen to, are very upbeat and exciting.

I don't really listen to slow songs because my music never really reflects my mood. I do enjoy a few ballads and I of course love me some classic rock, but other than that my music is often not recognized by many people and I love it even more for that reason. It makes me feel like it belongs to me, and that makes music even more rewarding and fun by itself. When I listen to my undiscovered gems it feels like a unique destination that nobody has ever dared set foot on, and it fabricates a path of music that allow me to expand my horizons. It is really rewarding to expand your mind and try new things, which I find is an important aspect to living life.

To me, music creates a feeling in you that makes you happy, sad, etc. The point is, is that it makes you feel. I choose to feel happy, as well as aspire to be a happy person and I represent that through the music I listen to. I believe that music is essential in this world, it brings the world together and generates a certain rhythm that the whole world grooves to. Personally, music is very important to me and honestly, everything in my life would be dull without it.


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