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The Day You Lost Me

August 1, 2021


The mountain path was covered in large, black boulders. Step after step I followed you, legs burning and lungs screaming for air. Above us, bridges towered, silent in the breeze. My fingers were cramped from holding on to my pack for so long, though I wasn't sure how far we'd travelled. We plodded down that hillside, knees trembling under the weight of our bodies. We had no path; we had no destination in mind. 

Soon, I found myself struggling to stay upright, a headache pounding deep in my skull. Ahead of me, you trudged on. Never faltering, you were my inspiration, but I wondered if you felt weary too. Just when it seemed that there would be no end, you noticed smoke trailing towards the heavens. Though distant, I could see the renewed hope in your steps as you hurried into the trees. 

The closer we got, the more we realized how far it actually was. What seemed like chimney smoke from the path was actually more grim. 

The lodge, now a pile of charcoal, embers, and leaning chimneys, reeked of burning flesh. The metallic taste of blood tainted the air we breathed and melting skin reeked like hot rubber. We traipsed through the corpses of mothers and children, our movements slow and stiff. You stopped shortly, shoulders slumped. You were exhausted, and utterly crushed by the scene before you. 

You knelt down, fingers digging into the soil. Tears stained your cheeks, salt gathered on your lashes. I rubbed your backside, the only comfort I could give. You sobbed something that sounded like: "Why? Why?", pressing your forehead against your knuckles. Laying before you was a smallish figure, her body all too still. While she was burnt, her face remained mostly intact. “Oh, my little girl,” you cried, shaking hands reaching out to caress her cheek. 

You fumbled to your feet, staggering ahead. Three seconds later, you were on your knees again, moaning in agony. “You cannot leave me here by myself, mon amour!” you wailed. Smacking your hands on the ground over and over again, you ran them through your hair. 

It was awful, watching you fall apart the way you did. The strong, fearless, and joyful man you were had been shunned to the side and replaced with a terrified, heartbroken, and angry alternative. You screamed up at the sky, stopping only when your tears clogged your throat. What could I do but stand there? 

You didn’t move for a long time. Only when your cheeks dried did you carry on. Always onwards. Not once did you look back.

But I did.

And I found myself staring sightlessly back.
Excuse the rushed ending. I got kind of bored with myself and the piece. . .

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