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Message to Readers

This is the first part of what will hopefully (fingers crossed) be a series of posts on my new Alice in Wonderland fanfiction. This is my first time writing a fanfic, so please be kind (constructive criticism is always appreciated)!

Alice in “Wonderland”- Chapter 1

July 3, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who braided her sister’s hair and listened to a story. Just a little girl on a Sunday picnic, frolicking about enjoying her childhood. And then she saw The Rabbit. Being an absentminded child, she ran after it... I am that child. I am Alice. Let me show you my Wonderland. 
I was bored by the games the children played, so I went home to Mommy. I smiled as I ran, my bare feet caressing the grass, as it spoke to me “Slow down, little girl,” it whispered, waving its little arms as I ran, “Come and smell the roses.” But I knew I must run home to mother, and so I ran, my little toy rabbit trailing behind me as I fled. And then, I began to fall. Down, down, down the rabbit hole... the grass rising up around me as I fell, sending thoughts of picnics and daisy chains scampering from my mind.
Little County Paper
Missing person alert. On January 7th, a little girl named Alice disappeared from Park Lane, where  she was last seen attending a Sunday school picnic. A trail of daisies lay trampled near Artisan Stream, along with a Hymn book. It is suspected that Alice may have fallen into the river, but no signs of a body have been found. The police urge citizens to keep looking, and any sign of Alice should be reported to Nell and Robert Lee or the police.  


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  • Val <3

    This was so enjoyable to read!!

    about 1 month ago