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love to vent, love reading vent pieces <3

get my stuff banned more times than I'd like :'(

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"I'm running away from my responsibilities
and it feels good."
- Michael Scott

questioning the system and then feeling helpless is a feature of the the teenage condition. so, apologies :)

Ignorance: A Gift

August 25, 2021


Sometimes people think
My pieces are nice
That they could never.

The same people
They don't realise 
Just how brave they are

I don't get how they share their thoughts
Or deal with their feelings
How do they practice

The simple fact 
That they lived life
Without questioning it
Without questioning society
Without questioning survival
Without introspection
So brave.

Sentience is not easy
To work with
Yet we're all burdened with it

How brave are you, traveller!
You never wished for it to disappear
You always think about facing obstacles
And never about how you could just
Eliminate yourself out of the situation

That's just so brave
I wish i were you, traveller
Ignorant, and fitting nicely into 
Whatever dreams 
Were gifted to you

All I wish for is
For me to have
Your powers, traveller


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  • Tachi

    This is beautiful!

    3 months ago