- they/he/she
- big on music (classic rock, pop, indie, etc.)!
- aspiring writer (writer's block's currently hittin' me hard though)
- in fandoms such as good omens, sherlock (BBC), and a bunch more.
- chinese/taiwanese ^^

est. 7/1/21

Message to Readers

i'd appreciate some pointers on how i can phrase sentences better, or get my point through clearly but concisely. corrections, other comments are also welcome as well. ^^

a crosswalk and a closet

July 2, 2021

Prompt: about what writer’s block feels like to you. (BriRiley)

3:00 AM, where creatures of the night and spectres are said to haunt people. for me, the only thing that haunts me is the blank google doc screen before me.

truly terrifying, when your fingers are glued onto the keyboard, and your brain is suddenly a white canvas. no splash of color. the cogs of your brain rust, unable to operate. 

unfortunately, blasting 70's classic rock doesn't seem like it helps with the writer's block either. nor dark academia playlists or old 80's love songs. blegh. 

to me, mentally, writer's block is trying to use the crosswalk in heavy traffic or a locked closet. yes, a closet. 

heavy traffic: the cars continue to rush past me, giving no acknowledgment of my attempt to use the crosswalk without being run over. just my luck, the crosswalk lights are broken. no way to cross the metaphorical red sea.
i don't want to risk my life to cross from one side to the other side. simply too much paperwork. nor do i want to look like i'm doing a low-budget rendition of "crosswalk the musical". so brute-forcing it wouldn't help my problem.

locked closet: on the contrary of being inside of the closet as a willing participant since 2018, writer's block makes me a prisoner behind the closet doors, the lock on the outside. it's dark and horribly claustrophobic. it's also empty, apart from myself. 
of course, i'd try to shove, jiggle, and do just about everything i can to free myself of the space. too bad it's a really well-made closet. bummer. brute-forcing has once again failed me.

what i've gathered from multiple 3:00 AMs is this: brute-forcing does little to nothing towards getting rid of writer's block. 

heavy traffic won't always be heavy traffic. locked closets won't always be locked. maybe the crosswalk will get fixed. maybe someone heard your impromptu drumming session on the closet doors and came to your rescue, laughing at how dumb you were to get stuck in there in the first place. 

whatever it may be, i tell myself that writer's block isn't permanent. ideas will trickle through. that's when that blank google doc becomes a 24-page long notepad of ideas. 

or, maybe blaring 70's classic rock would help.

or, just sip on some tea, or warm milk, if you aren't into that. 

well, this was a thrill to write. once again, critiques are welcome. <3

also, i'm aware people have different experiences with writer's block and how they overcome it. apologies if it comes off as an "ohhhh you should follow what i wrote"; that wasn't my goal. please let me know if it came off that way. thank you. 


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