concerned deeply about climate change
fan of myths and superheroes

love to vent, love reading vent pieces <3

get my stuff banned more times than I'd like :'(

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"I'm running away from my responsibilities
and it feels good."
- Michael Scott

questioning the system and then feeling helpless is a feature of the the teenage condition. so, apologies :)

me in 250 words

July 1, 2021

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual).   

Leaving internet 'communities'
South Asian, STEM kid, and... wow. Nothing else at all. Am i personality-less?

Three places you learn well (these can be unusual).    

in a room alone, in a room with lots of background noise, and on my terrace.

Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you.

Who's she lol? Oh..
Obnoxious, smart, self proclaimed ugly.

Three adjectives your family would use.

Fat (in their inner monologue as they scan me from head to toe), intelligent, quiet.

Three adjectives you would use.

Determined, quirky, existential.

Three beliefs you hold.   

I'm too paranoid to believe, but

The world is closer to an inevitable doom;
Everything is meaningless, but that gives us an opportunity to create meaning;
Contrary to my grandpa, i believe all humans do have inherent basic rights. They all deserve to be respected (hate the sin, not the sinner).

Three sources of comfort.   

My anxiety-calming words i have scribbled at the back of my notebook;

Three instincts that serve you well.   

Lean towards surety; get everything done as soon as you can; don't depend on other people.

Three responsibilities you shoulder.   

Helping out around the house;
Getting into an IIT 2 years later;
Finishing my assignments on time.

Three things of which you are proud.  

My 16 medals
My 7th grade writing 
My 8th grade socialising

Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual.

Existential crises every 10 minutes
Extremely bitten fingernails


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