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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

Message to Readers

cake anyone? :)

celebrations at my expense

June 30, 2021



my mind flows like a stream of coca cola
splashing onto ice on a summer's day

the hostess passes me to her friends
“cheers to us!”
they sip from the fragments of me
one relishes the taste
the other savours the coolness
and the third worries about how to hold a glass

“right then girls,” the hostess chimes
“how about we get our magazines out?”
and so the middle aged women caked in makeup
and baking under the midday summer sun
pout their lips and frizz their hair with colourful nails
and lie on sunloungers, turning their long legs
now and then at intervals

“and now,” the second girl says
“i brought us something to share!”
she produces a cherry and marzipan cake
and is met with a wave of smiles and glee

“so then,” the last woman says
her voice reedy and poised
like a question to a crowd of corpses
“let’s celebrate!”


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