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“who should defend the moon, if not poets?”

I offer no other wisdom than this quote by some random guy and a book recommendation of ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara


June 30, 2021


There is something that strikes me, about humanity. The force that binds us more than anything, the reason we seek for existence, our purpose. Oh sure, you can get by in life by wanting something badly enough; money, fame, power. But when everything is stripped away; clothes or possessions or brains and we are left bare of everything but ourselves, we aren’t left with want.


There is a reason we feel safest in our mother’s arms, wrapped in our father’s warmth, enveloped in a blanket of the family we choose. It is biologically programmed into us. A feeling stronger than joy or anger or sadness. Wars have been fought, ballads composed, an entire calendar day for that one emotion.

In a modern world we are blinded by the need to fulfil our destiny or reach our potential and we forget. There is a reason we have been put on this Earth. Some call it god, others call it science but I propose that it is purely, and it is simply, love. 

When you strip me down to my core, remove the layers of my education, talent, upbringing, appearance, I would rather you find a core of love and hope and belief in a better world than one of anger or hatred.
I watched the film ‘The world to come’ and this just came out.


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  • celestialbard

    THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! I love it so much!! Also, good luck with A Level history my friend, it's a wild ride

    3 months ago