The Unicorn


I go by he/him most of the time.
Ninth Grader
Favourite poem: Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Loves: writing poems/lyrics, reading, music, singing, anime, nature and helping people out

Message from Writer

Write. Keep writing no matter what happens. Eventually, you'll find something that just clicks. You need to write until you reach the moment where you can look back and say, "I did what I loved and I made progress that I am proud about." So keep writing. Never give up.

To Blossom Through the Pain

June 28, 2021


If love keeps people alive
Why have so many died
Why is it that we only survive and not thrive
How come so many have only cried
How can one break the hardness?
What can one do to escape the darkness of death
How can they become open-heartedness
When all they can control is their breath
Who can live when inside
Everything is engulfed in flames
How can one continue to lie
But how can one be blamed?
What can they do so love can save them in their state
So that life becomes one of love and not of hate


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