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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
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aaaah i can't wait for the summer holidays to begin :)

departure to death

June 28, 2021


the school corridors smell like an airport
soggy luggage and overfilled snack boxes

the squeaky lino and overlapping voices
the stream of people and passing of open doors
through hands which are ink stained or clutching cards
revision cards, not debit cards

my hollow school is an airport
a grounding for the youth that might fly one day
their wings sealed by glue from the art classrooms
pva that gloops and dries and puckers and cries
it sheds and falls like icarus into the sea

but no, this school taught us resilience
if our wings flounder we know algebra
and can extract our bodies from the situation
we can pray to gods unknown to our culture
thank you for that, Mr L from religious studies

even if we are straining to hear beyond the white noise
the basic guitar chords for pop songs chime through
we once formed a band and performed to the class

we may cease but the ink on our hands will not wash way
the salt of the sea and bitterness of the sky will not taint it
we are all destined to fly, but some of us to fall
but if this school taught us anything
it was to beat against the chilly air
and try.


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