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By: Elise Clift


Wild like the wind, she wanted to be free more than anything.

She wanted to grow up, to move on in life.

She wanted to be a free woman, never tied down.

She wanted to be wild, that's all.

Message to Readers

I would like feedback on if this went with the prompt or not.

Peer Review

I really like the last line. All the lines of the poem revolves around a specific thing (marriage, growing up) but can be traced back to the umbrella term, 'freedom.' I feel like the phrase "that's all" helps make it so special, too. Your poem is short (no shame in that!) and therefore when you directly mention how simple the desire is, it echos the brevity of the piece.

You repeat the same idea but in different ways. By discussing ideas that are associated with freedom (never being 'tied down' and having the ability to make more decisions that specifically affect you along with the mention of wind), you clearly paint the image of liberty and independence for the reader.

Reviewer Comments

This went with the prompt just fine. A prompt can be thought of as a diving board. You have to jump off it, but you decide if you're going to do a cannonball or a backflip or whatever. You included wild in the first line; that's all you "had" to do.