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"I'm running away from my responsibilities
and it feels good."
- Michael Scott

questioning the system and then feeling helpless is a feature of the the teenage condition. so, apologies :)

Fuyez (Run) : flash fic

July 6, 2021


I started writing to her when I was only fifteen. 
I was already at the top of my class in French, but I started out sending emails to someone who claimed to be ‘Claire’, for credits. She never told me her last name or sent a photo, but with each email we started becoming the best of friends.
I was no longer in need of credits, but I kept talking to her. There were no phone numbers, no names, at least no true names. The characters in the stories she painted were “the doctor”, “the boss”, “guy who sits across my desk”. 

I often missed writing the emails when her and I weren’t too familiar. But I’d been regularly writing since she told me about her 3 year old. 

Who’s this baby? Anything you know about it?

She called it “the baby”, and vented about it for about seven months. Last she wrote about it was, September 27 last year, I think.
The only valuable addition is that the baby was incredibly smart, some sort of ‘savant’. Even when I persuaded her to tell me about what happened to the baby, she won’t tell me.

She described herself in incredible detail a day before her birthday, on the 27th of December. She told me to pick her up on her birthday at 7 p.m. sharp from the abandoned field near my home. How she knew about the field, I never knew. But she never came. 

Only a note was left, I picked it up with gloves and stored it. Figured it would come in handy for y’all. It has blood all over it. The only thing I could read was ‘fuyez’. But before I could act on it, I was surrounded. By you.

That’s all I can recollect.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Jha. We’ll be in touch.

But I’m already on a raft, surfing on turquoise nothingness, in search of her.


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  • Ombreluna

    Wow... That was really nice. It escalated pretty quickly, and I loved it.

    3 months ago

    also- I checked out your youtube channel and it looks super cool! I think sharing your thoughts and opinions is a really brave thing to do so congrats! I hope it's successful <3

    3 months ago

    woah... I love this idea of what started out as an extra credit assignment turned into this crazy high stakes affair- Claire sounds like a boss :) Great job!

    3 months ago