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any fellow swifties?

"loving him was red"

June 27, 2021

about what colour you think best represents your personality. (~rain~)

"loving him was red", taylor swift used to sing on stage
in front of a wall of roses, her chipped black nails would embrace a microphone speckled with spit
her pale skin would be sweaty from the fan hugs and her eyes heavy from tour bus sleep

loving him was red, yes it was
but the breath that i project is crimson and my lungs heave from the poison
she forgot the lyric that would scream her audience into silence:
"loving him was red and his sister was hysterical"
i will forever be the twin of that blood-tinged shadow
the mascot for an album tour that nobody finds cute

flaming flaring scaring tearing
the jagged breaths of a hollow character
a fictional fold of pages that flutter from her breath
"loving him was red"

taylor didn't mention the nightmarish scene of splattered knives
the grave brandished with roses that looked like they were blushing
coy and fixated by the spotlight of sleep-deprived eyes
the family that came to mourn his sister
the red soul

"loving him was red"
she sings like an angel with wings braided from little white lies
she does what she does best
narrating a tragedy from the perspective of a scarred survivor. 


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  • ava_grace

    Hey fellow Swiftie... ;)

    3 months ago