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any and all thoughts welcome!
i haven't been writing for a while and really needed to, so this feels like yet another piece of word vomit.

a summer night

June 28, 2021



summer nights in california are warm with a cool breeze sweeping in from the bay. some days i imagine i can taste the salted tang of seawater on the tip of my tongue. the sky is a deep midnight blue, not quite black. perhaps the sky has decided to be gracious, figured that there is something worth saving in the dark. a full moon is out tonight. her light outlines the suburban chimneys and casts a shadow over the street, beautifully ominous. it is hard to see the stars in the suburbs; the city lights drown them out and only the brightest are able to shine, an unforeseen competition leaving the sky hazy with silver fog.

i close my eyes, listening to my block, my home. out in the distance a car speeds by on the highway; the sprinklers from across the street hums gently; a dog barks; a plane flies overhead. then, for a second all is silent. it is the sweet sound of the city, a symphony conducted by everyone and no one, and i think i am falling in love.

i breathe in and i swear i can hear my heart pulsing the cool nighttime air through my arteries. i feel the tips of my fingers tingling and for the first time in weeks i feel alive.
nighttime of 6/24/2021


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  • Paisley Blue

    ok i know this isn't a poem but its kinda prose poetry! i mean it's not a story or anything... it's very poetic either way lol. i just adore this so so so much and the imagery GOSH it is amazing. truly. i think this is a very very strong piece and wanted to just put it into consideration because it is one of my favorite things that you've written -- it just magically draws me into it and brings me to a completely new and different place. amazing my friend. alright i've suggested i think 6, i'm gonna narrow it into top three (maybe five).

    top three are (in no order) "program: howToSurviveFirstDayOfSchool," "hopelessly reversed," and "when you walked away."

    top five are those plus "my house is forever silent' and "a summer night"

    I'd be more than willing to review any of them, or discuss them more with you! if you want to text or call me about them just lmk. I hope this is helpful my friend!! it was really really nice to go through all your old writing again haha, i enjoyed it a lot :) if there's any more I can do to help you out lmk!! <33

    7 days ago
  • mirkat

    how did i miss this?? i'm 2 months late to the party! this is beautiful... the imagery is stunning. so. i'm going to look thru your pieces this weekend and choose 3 i think would work the best. i'm honored to be chosen to help you! <3

    8 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    rereading and my heart is so full of niufhg;asiogja;slgh yk
    re: heyyyyyyyyy i'm backkkk lol camp was amazing, met a bunch of cool people and a couple really really cool people. i feel like i grew a lot closer to god and idk if you're religious or not but i'm vv happy about that and i want to keep stepping closer. my anxiety was really bad but i showed it, i stood up in front of the whole camp and talked about my goal of continuing to grow closer despite fear and even though i was visibly shaking i think that's a win. lots of fun games, screaming songs and jumping during worship, swimming and boating, eating, and just a little sleeping :) we had this little party last night called the Hoedown and there was rootbeer floats and teensy barn kitties that we got to hold and a petting zoo and line dancing! i did lots of line dancing, it was so much fun. and i only forgot my script for my musical, but i have my lines memorized so i could do without. also, no sunburn (i think i used like an entire bottle of sunscreen tho lmao) so that's good, i usually FRY. and yeah going to my friends' went really well it was so nice to talk to someone one on one and just not feel self conscious.
    lol thanks for the driving encouragement i'm both terrified and excited to keep learning. excited for being able to go places but terrified about being on an ACTUAL ROAD with ACTUAL CARS going ACTUALLY FAST it's scary lol.
    oo that's exciting that ca is reopening! definitely get the freedom it brings, at camp we didn't have to wear masks and it was so nice. yayyyy doggos say hi to them all for me! i missed my pups so much over the week, and tully like grew a ton in the week so i was (and still am) very excited to snuggle them as soon as i got home.
    woah the weather where you are sounds absolutely lovely, it's still pretty sunny and humid here. got a little rain but not much, the mississippi river is still super low. and yeah humidity sucks lmao it feels like the air is tHICK and actively trying to suffocate you but idk i get used to it.
    yeah you should def try black raspberries they're like the superhero version of regular ones lol. at least, in my head. we got a couple little strawberries, but not many blueberries yet. or the turkeys have been eating them again. our plum tree hasn't given us any fruit yet but i'm still hopeful. wAIT YOU HAVE APRICOTS omg they're literally my favorite fruit i've only had them fresh like twice (we have them dried but they're not as good) and i want them so badly jghlfgh;fig no fair you should send me all the apricots. pears are a fall fruit so we've got a while to wait, but our neighbors have cherry trees, and they were ripe, so today we spend an hour or so picking and pitting them and now we can make pie. yummm
    i'll send you pictures of my plants asap lol! glad you're not insanely bored by them... i enjoy talking about them probably too much :P
    this comment is fairly long so i'll wrap up! all my love, so glad to be back! :)

    3 months ago
  • Wisp

    Replying: Aww thanks! I was dubbed by Paisley Blue and journal.scribbles haha
    Ooh yess!! I'm not a musical fan typically, but I really liked the dynamic in that movie, it highlighted a lot of issues like racism and poverty and this sense of never really being able to get out of your current situation you know? I've only watched it in the theaters (on screen), so not the stage musical. It sounds like it'd be lovely to watch as well though!
    Thanks darling!! And yes you are deserving!! Sending love and have a wonderful day!

    3 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    replying: JDHRNTMNFBDHHD YES AHA WOT THANKYOUTHANKYOU. im sorry im so speechless right now.thank you for everything you said,it really means so much, im so flattered.thank you so much i appreciate everything you said, youre so sweet<3 its such an honour

    3 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    oh my gosh this is so has those home town vibes, like i love reading pieces about how people feel about where they live."perhaps the sky has decided to be gracious, figured that there is something worth saving in the dark" excuse me. gosh that is gorgeous and so smart.haha its funny i wrote a piece with a sort of similar theme to this one the other night,when i couldnt sleep. and gosh you did so much of a better're really good at this whole writing thing;)

    3 months ago
  • Sophiascb

    I love this!! You have such a talent for painting pictures. This whole scene is so vivid!! ;)

    3 months ago
  • sunfish

    I’m all the way on the other side of the world in a different hemisphere and yet I have had this exact same experience. You articulate the feeling beautifully

    3 months ago
  • Wisp

    This gives off such "In the Heights" vibes and I am all for it. There's this sense of discovery and awakening in the city and that is just invigorating. Like you take us through your thoughts and create such a vivid visual for us, and it's like we're right there beside you, looking through your eyes, hearing through your ears, smelling through your nose. It's like we are coming alive along with you. And your diction here paints this piece with such a meaningfulness and nostalgia. I love how you take mundane moments in your life and make them into something more, place meaning into your experiences and bring them into something so precious. Reading this is like picking a moment from your memories, unlocking a hidden part of 'rwong's scrapbook' or seeing a picture and reading the story behind it. It's just so nostalgic and heartwarming and I cannot help but smile at the warmth you pack into this piece. Simply stunning, and that last line gave me the chills. Excellent and it made my heart flutter a bit, city-vibes and lo-fi music and everything mixed in between with nights in California.

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Re: yeahhhh hah I'm a little dead but yk better than I expected. Hopefully I sleep well tonight lol... and thanks! Im packing for camp rn and this year they're asking us not to bring suitcases?? Like instead we're supposed to bring plastic tote bins. So I'm using a very old bin with a slightly broken lid, hope it keeps all my stuff in :[] but I'm very excited. And I'm going over to my friend's house tonight and that's exciting too bc I still don't see people very often lol... and also I drove for the first time!!!! I just spent like an hour driving in circles around a parking lot lol, it was terrifying and really fun at the same time. My dad is a police officer so he jokes he's probably the safest driver I've ever met... so I guess I'm learning from a pro XD and then!! I actually went on a street! I drove like halfway home on a couple small quiet streets! And I feel very old now. My sister refuses to get in the car while I'm driving she says I'm gonna kill us all XD so I have one vote of confidence!
    Anyways, I hope your day is going well!! Been doing anything fun? I have to be a true minnesotan; how is the weather where you are? Here its all nice and grey and drizzly but also really humid so its nice to be inside lol. But I went on a walk this morning and ate a bunch of black raspberries from my neighbor's patch! We have a bunch of raspberries too and they're perfect like RIGHT NOW and of course this is the week I'm leaving XD they're all gonna be done as soon as I get home.
    I got a new plant yesterday! His name is George and he is a zebra plant (also known as a haworthia) and he is beautiful. Now I have five! They are my pride and joy. Theodore is doing well, he wasn't getting enough sun for a couple days but I made sure to keep him on my windowsill and now he's perky again. Martha and bea, my echeverias, are wonderful as always, and Peppermint Patty, my pothos, is growing really well! I really want her to start trailing vines everywhere, so I'm glad that she's getting long. She's my hanging plant. Maybe ill send you pictures of each of them if I have time!! They'd love to meet you :)
    Omg lol I'm so sorry I can rant about my plants for literally eternity, I apologize for being so boring!! Im done now lol. Hope youre wonderful!! Listen to some music and chill; we can relax together even though we're apart! Lol. Have a great afternoon/evening/night my friend!! <33

    3 months ago
  • funtom_bunny

    Ugh, that first paragraph was absolute euphoria to read. The moon visuals and formatting (your lack of capitalization? iconic) stood out to me and were so calming to read. Amazing job!

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Ohhhh man shell quite possibly the most beautiful and calming thing I've ever read... you are such an artist!! This transported me across the country. Wow. So vivid and clear and doyydkydjtsdyigstvjohufd I love this! The tone, the voice... perfection.
    Re: dude I do live under a rock don't worry about it :P and yeah I've been in the habit of waking up later too, but this morning I woke up at like 5:30 and couldn't fall back asleep, so I only got like 6 hours of sleep :/ I'm going to camp tomorrow! So you won't see me for like a week but I'll be back :) OH OH ALSO I HAD BOBA IT WAS SO GOOD WE WENT TO A FARMERS MARKET AND GOT MANGO BOBA AND MMMMMM I SEE WHY YOU LOVE IT it is truly the food of the gods... yummy.
    Anyways, hope you're well!! I may drop off of the face of the earth before you see this but i hope youre having a wonderful day :) all my love my friend!! <33

    3 months ago
  • Colorfulworld

    Its a calming short, i liked it

    3 months ago