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the strangers pronouns are they/them
this is bad but was fun to write
in the style of a fairy tale book i used to read all the time 'fairy stories from many lands'

a stranger and a seed (part 1 because i got impatient, ill write part 2 soon)

July 13, 2021

once upon a time quite some time ago a stranger visited the small village of Mayfield. The stranger had long orange hair and purple eyes and slightly blue skin, and they were a member of elvin royalty, not that anyone in the village knew.

it was already dusk when the stranger approached the small village and they were hungry. they entered a warm inviting pub in which the locals swapped stories and drinks. but the stranger had with them no money, and the locals eyed their strange features suspiciously. in desperation the stranger, tired out from a long day of walking, begged for a cup of water, or a hunk of bread, or a small room in which to rest. the landlord refused, and the stranger was pushed unceremoniously from the room.

the stranger wandered along small cobbled streets dejectedly as the sun began to sink. finally they came upon a young boy who was walking home alongside his cart and donkey. bowing, the stranger asked the boy if he knew of anyone who would offer them lodgings or food, or failing that, the quickest way to the next village. but the boy was startled by the strangers violet eyes and without a word he hurried his donkey along, in such haste that a sack of freshly harvested corn fell from the bag of the cart. 

at this point the stranger was so hungry they would've happily eaten the corn right off its stalks, but the stranger was noble and with a sigh they waved a hand and the sack disappeared in a puff of smoke. the boy, turning back some minutes later to count the sacks in his wagon, counted that they were all there, and was none the wiser to what had happened.

by now the elvin stranger was wondering why people were often referred to as the kindest and most welcoming beings the world had to offer, for the people of this village had been quite the opposite. they decided to give the little village of Mayfield one last chance, and so, without much hope, they knocked on the the door of a squat little cottage. a bright faced young women opened it, and she was shocked at seeing the stranger, but she smiled kindly. the stranger again asked for a hunk of bread, or a cup of water, or directions to the nearest lodging house or next village. the young women nodded and hurried within the house, returning moments later with a hunk of bread and a flagon of water. the stranger, at last satisfied that they had found someone with a heart, smiled and was just about to take the bread when there was a shout from within the cottage. a man, the women's father, ran out and seeing the stranger he pulled his daughter back inside and knocked the bread and water from her hands. as this happened some young lads stumbled home past the cottage, and seeing the bemused stranger and distraught girl they laughed raucously and one pulled the strangers long orange hair. the girl ran, shamefaced, inside and the stranger, with a sigh, picked the bread up of the dirt path, brushed it clean, and wandered down the street again, chewing contemplatively. 

the stranger now was without a doubt that they would leave this sorry village to find more welcoming, fairer lands, but before they left they decided to leave a gift for the people of Mayfield, in the hope that they would one day learn their lesson. the stranger perched on a haystack in the outskirts of the village and dug a hand into their deep pockets. after much rooting around they pulled out a seed, slightly gold in colour and the size of a good-sized strawberry. the elvin stranger threw the seed high in the sky, and it came back to earth in a shower of gold, satisfied, the stranger set off upon his merry way, leaving the small village behind him for some time



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