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the Tree and the child

June 21, 2021

  • about your conversation with the oldest tree in the world. What do you ask it, and what does it say? (Tachi)

ancient one -

ancient one?

i - i wanted to be respectful. whats your name?

trees dont have names.

trees dont talk

touche. you can call me Tree, with a capital T

okay Tree. whats it like?

whats what like?

being old. older than the pyramids. older than my name. older than the english word for tree. 

time does not pass for me as it does for you. 

how does it pass?

it is like sap, all around, within, constant, never changing but never staying the same. like a river, it washes.

i wish i experienced time like you do. to me it is a line. like a concrete road. it hurts.

ah my child, time hurts me too. i see death. i see birth yes, but i see so much death.

that is our fault, i reckon.

oh yes, my child, it is your fault. you never can stop growing as a race.

trees grow, Tree.

yes but trees do not kill. we give breath.

yes. i see.

did you want to ask me any more child? trees dont usually speak, you know.

what do you miss?

what do you mean?

of everything that has passed by you, lived by you, loved you, what do you miss?

ah, ah. i miss, i miss when i could see the stars. you cannot see them any more. and i miss the children. the children do not come.

i came.

yes, you came. 


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  • encapsulated_emotions

    this is really good, i love it!!

    3 months ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    ahh oh wow this is great XD

    "i wanted to be respectful. whats your name?

    trees dont have names.

    trees dont talk" fun procrastination haha

    3 months ago
  • NewPoet

    This is so beautiful, emotional, and heartfelt! I love the story Tree talks about and how humans have changed what he loved the most. You did an amazing job with this piece!

    3 months ago