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BTW my strange and deranged prompt for today is to write a story where the main character realizes that they are in fact a villain and that the thing they do everyday is causing pain to their best friend.

Fairy Tale Friday: Chapter 4--Guildless

July 30, 2021


    “Everyone shut up,” Sarah whispered, turning grave. She crept towards the door and listened. 
    “You have to say the password dummy,” a girl’s muffled voice scolded, “do not try to break the door down. Wha-- theonewhowandersaloneislost.” In an instant the door was open and Alex had barely enough time to step aside before a mass of curly hair charged into them. They couldn’t see the door, but they heard it close and someone gasping from the other side. 
    “You IDIOT!” A girl said. The door opened once more and a small girl walked in.
    Her ghost-pale face was scrunched up in pain. Around her, a flurry of frizzy, white hair was posed in a cobra-like position with its blue tips hissing at the kid who had come running in. Alex turned to investigate the object of her rage. 
    He was very tall and scrawny, as if he didn’t eat much. He had a poof of dense hair taking over his head that reminded Alex of a sheep, if sheep could have bright orange wool. Unlike the girl, his skin was a deep tan with a long dark strip slicing through his left forearm. He was wearing one of the school uniforms, unlike everyone else. It had no patch on it, indicating that he was a lowerclassman.
    “I was literally right behind you and you still managed to slam the door on me,” she seethed, adjusting the sleeves of her white turtleneck and pretending to brush dirt of of her blue, white, and green plaid skirt. It was more intimidating than it should have been. She marched over to the boy without so much as a glance in Alex’s direction and hit him on the head with her fist. 
    “Catelyyyyyn,” the boy whined. His electric green eyes were turned down and he was rubbing his head. 
    “Why are you here early? Is something wrong?” Hansel asked with a subtle glance at Alex, who pretended not to notice. 
    “Nah, figure skating ended early, cuz our coach had to go help out with some sort of fire. It must’ve been bad if they asked the coach to help.”
    “Then why isn’t anyone getting out of the building!?” Alex asked in half-alarm. They weren’t all that surprised considering the other crazy rules in place at this school. No one answered them. 
    “Actually,” the boy said, “ we were running from mutant wolves. They almost caught us, but you opened the door just in time.” He leaned on the table, looking believably exhausted and traumatized. 
    “There are mutant wolves at this school!!!!!!” Alex screeched. It was real fear, believe it or not.  
    “Yes,” the boy exhaled. What a time for the group to pay attention: right when Alex had done something dumb.
    “No,” Catelyn sneered, “watch out for this one. He’s a liar, and a good one to. Wait---” Catelyn spun around to face Alex and studied them.
    “Your hair,” she remarked, pointing at Alex’s curly, brown hair that had recently gotten a pixie cut, “don’t usually see anything like that around here. I really like it. Are you new? Is she new?” She asked, turning to Gretel. Alex stiffened a bit.
    “Um, actually, Catelyn. My pronouns are they/them,” they said awkwardly, trying to find a way not to hurt her feelings, “it’s an honest mistake, but if you could try to use they/them from now on, that would be appreciated.” I sound like a real estate agent, Alex thought. 
    “Oh my snow, I’m so sorry,” she gasped, covering her mouth with hands, eyes wide and cheeks pink with embarrassment, “I promise, I’ll get it right next time.”
    “It’s really okay,” I mumbled. It always felt uncomfortable when people reacted like this. At least it was better than some of the other reactions they’d faced in the past.
    “Relax, Catelyn, you get things wrong all the time. You really don’t have to be dramatic about it, it’s getting annoying,” the boy said, turning to Alex, “my name’s Peter, but my friends call me peanut butter, nice to meet you.”
    “Two more lies,” Catelyn tutted mockingly, “you just might break your record.” 
    “Anywayyyyyy,” Gretel interrupted, “since we’re all here we should get started on the meeting. I assume Kichi can’t come today.”
    “Nope,” Hansel said, “she’s at the hospital again and she thinks they can fix it this time. She left the writing teacher a note for me , which I’m going to need to lecture her about when she gets back. Oh! And she says we can use her scissors.”
    “We’re not using her scissors,” Sarah said.
    “Scissors?” Alex asked. They thought of the safety scissors that they had had to use in art class to make a collage. 
    “Kichi has an antique pair of giant scissors. They’re really sharp,” Gretel explained, “she always threatens to use them, but she hasn’t...yet.” Alex’s jaw dropped and they began blinking rapidly.
    “Can I just get something off my chest real quick?” They asked, putting their hands together in an I’m trying to to scream right now, position. 
    “This school is crazy. It shouldn’t exist and now it has KIDNAPPED ME. I might never get to see my parents again…. Can someone please just tell me what’s going on so I don’t have to be confused anymore?” Their heart paced, but Alex stayed put, looking around the room with panicked eyes. 
    “You know,” Sarah said, “they’re right, we totally forgot to tell them about guildless.” 
“Thank you!” 
“First order of business,” Gretel said, “we have a new member of guildless. Their name is Alex Silsa and they’re an upperclassman, but we believe that we can trust them due to their reaction to certain rules. Sarah was a firsthand witness to this.”
“Alex, we’re not going to be able to explain everything in the short amount of time that we have before the meeting starts, but we can at least explain our club,” Hansel added.
“As you know, this school is a bit unconvential to say the least. It abuses its students by forcing them into a harsh class system and isolating them from the rest of the world,” Catelyn said, “there have been students who tried to stop the principals in the past, but not many and all have clearly failed.”
“That’s cuz if ya’ get caught, they send ya’ to the shed,” Peter said, “no one ever comes back from there.”
    “I-is that another lie?” Alex asked hopefully. Everyone in the room sighed and looked down. Alex covered their mouth with their hands, trying not run out of the room screaming. 
    “A-anyway,” Gretel went on, “Hansel and I used to be lowerclassmen, but there had been a mistake and we were moved up to middleclass. We were mortified at how unfairly we had been treated, so we decided to start a club. Somehow we recruited Peter Sarah and Catelyn without being snitched on.”
    “Then we started lending food to the lowerclassmen food stand and giving out secret access to priveleges,” Sarah said, “no one ever saw our faces, and they never will, at least I hope they don’t.” Alex had been listening with growing interest. 
    “Wow,” was all they could think to say, “and you want me to join think I disagree with the rules enough to put myself in danger of going to “the shed” or whatever that is.” The room stiffened at the statement. Hansel was staring straight into their soul. 
    “We were hoping…” Sarah said. 
    “You were hoping,” Hansel said, “I never trusted them.”
    “Well, I--” Alex said awkwardly, “I’m not the kind of person who stands up against people. I’m more like the support, y’know, I break down under pressure and…”
    “It’s fine, we understand,” Sarah said, turning away from them. She looked disappointed at Alex’s refusal. They’d never had someone outside of their family look that disappointed to see them leave. A strange feeling siezed their heart and yanked at it, as if trying to yank it out of their body.
    “I mean, you all went through that trouble,” they said, “I-I’ll join.” 
    “We wouldn’t want to put you in danger,” Hansel snorted sarcastically, “what if you get caught during a mission and rat us out to the principals.”
    “I won’t do that, I promise,” Alex pleaded, “I’m sorry, I’m just all over the place right now. Please, I promise to do my best to help you.” 
    “Really!?” Sarah had a wide smile spread across her face, “I see no reason why we shouldn’t allow them to join. Unless you’re just doing it to make us feel better, then you have no obliga---”
    “No!” Alex said, throwing their hands out in a stopping motion, “I mean, I actually really do wanna join. Please?” 
    “Hmmm,” was all Hansel said. Without hesitation, Sarah ran forwards and hugged them. 
    “Thank you! I’m so glad you joined, cuz you seemed super nice and Hansel needs a friend, soooooo--” 
    “I do not need a friend,” Hansel said.
    “Do too,” Peter said, “see what happens when someone tries to give you a high five.” She began chasing him around the tiny room, holding her palm in the air. Gretel dodged them as they ran towards her and walked over to Alex. 
    “Welcome to the team, we’ll try not to get you sent to the shed.” They hadn’t felt more relieved in their entire life, which was strange considering they might die because of this choice.  
    “Well that took a lot less time to explain than I thought it would, but we’ll be late to start the meeting if you can’t get it together,” Catelyn shouted. The boys, of course, didn’t listen to her as Peter was a born troublemaker and Hansel was running away from him. It was clear that that was a mistake because Catelyn’s face was full of rage. 
    “Don’t ignore me!” She scolded, “I won’t be ashamed if you two end up dead by morning!” That seemed to make them stop.
    “Geez, Catie, calm down,” Peter said. 
    “Ohhh, don’t go and make me seem like the villain here,” she said, “and don’t call me Catie.”
    “You literally just threatened to kill us!” Hansel said. 
    “I never said I’d kill you.”
    “It was implied!”
    “And we don’t have time for your bickering,” Gretel interrupted, “just like Catelyn said. Now, Sarah, I think you should start us off.” 
    “Ha! You sound like an adult,” she joked, “but thanks for letting me start. I know that we’ve talked before about upgrading our protests, but I also know that doing this means that we have to focus and we cannot hesitate.”
    “We already decided to go through with it,” Boyd interrupted leaning on his right leg and crossing his arms, “we should be planning right now, not having a pep talk.”
    “Well the pep talk would go a lot faster if you stopped running your mouth about every little inconvenience,” Catelyn said. She was looking innocently at the ceiling, with her arms in a somewhat formal, choir-like position. To Alex, these two stances were known as the aggressive passive stance and the passing aggression stance. 
    “Okayyyy,” Sarah said, “can I finish my ‘pep talk’ before you start throwing punches?”
    “Does that happen?!” Alex asked. 
    “Anyway,” she continued, “I just wanted to remind everyone that as long as we have each other’s backs, we can do anything. Those are words of encouragement as well as a reminder that you have to support the team. I also wanted to add that crime is a last last resort because I know Hansel had a few reservations about that.” 
    “Uh, yeah..thanks,” Hansel mumbled. 
    “Alright, can we plan now?” Hansel snipped. Gretel gave him a look that an adult might give to a screeching child at the grocery store. 
    “So,” Alex said awkwardly, “so what do you mean by upgrading protests a-and crimes.” Gahh, how stupid are you? They thought everyone thinks you’re a flake and a coward. 
    “We want to send a message to the entire school,” Catelyn said, “don’t worry, Hansel was just making sure we weren’t thinking about graffiti or anything.”
    “Oh,” Alex said, frantically thinking of a way to salvage the situation, “so what’s your idea for the message? What’s it gonna say?”
    “We don’t know yet,” Gretel said. Boyd patted them on the back.
    “We never know anything before the actual planning meeting. You should get used to it.”
    “Unfortunately that’s not a lie,” Sarah said, giving a small laugh at the end. Alex smiled, feeling a warmth rising in their lungs at the small joke. It was a fleeting moment, but it was there, perhaps as foreshadowing.
    “We wanted to tell people that Guildless is here,” Gretel said, “and that we want to stop the awfulness that this school is a victim of.”
    “And that we’re going to stop it with the power of love!” Catelyn said, stepping onto the tabletop like a fairytale princess. The entire group giggled, washing away Alex’s embarrassment at their ignorance. There it was again, the warmth was there. 


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