Katie B.

United States

Hi! My name is Katie. I am a sixteen years old, and I really enjoy reading and writing. When I'm not daydreaming or playing my violin, you can find me sketching, baking, wake boarding, swimming or skiing.

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Hi! I love reading and writing, and I can't wait to keep improving my creative writing skills! In my free time, I like to play the violin, cook, ski, wakeboard, swim, and do art projects.


November 17, 2016

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I write because I am falling. Tumbling through darkness, grappling for something, anything, to save me. Gathering speed. Words rain down around me, just out of reach. I paw at the air, trying to reach the invisible safety. I cannot. And with a thud that echoes through the crevices of my mind, I slow. 

    I write because I am drowning. Sound liquefies in my ear, a dull roar. I am slower now, much slower. What are my words and what are my thoughts, I can no longer tell. Still falling, still dark, my mind a jumble of shapes and colors and illegible lines. Falling.

    And suddenly light glares back at me. And they stare.


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