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I love to read fantasy and sci-fi books. You will find me at my happiest sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea.
You'll find I talk about my cat a lot, her name is Candy and shes got beautiful long orange hair. I love her even more then my favourite books.
I'm here to use this as a safe space to share what I write and am pretty excited about it!

the noise at the end.

June 13, 2021

PROMPT: June Grab Bag

Prompt: A story that starts with the sentence “There I sat, on a vintage sofa, in an antique house, with nothing better to do than wait for doom to arrive.” (Vici B)

There I sat, on a vintage sofa, in an antique house, with nothing better to do than wait for doom to arrive. The fire was freshly stoked, there was a piping hot cup of tea next to me on the table and a cat was purring on my lap. Life was good. Good in the way it hadn't felt in a while. Good in a way that ment all the drama had passed. Good in a way I never thought it would be again. I ran from the drama, I had no regrets. A world with so little love left wasn't worth my time. 
The earth had stoped trembling, the peace was so shocking my head felt painfully empty. The dissaperance of the everlasting headache a shock to my system. 
The world did not end all at once. Only, a series of steps lead up to it. First we began to fight, not against each other but with each other. And then when we were fighting against each other there was no one left to command the armys, no one left to fight towards a final goal. We made mistakes which changed the earth. They changed the very fabric of our being. They made the plates tremble and made sure with time there would be nothing left. 
I was now sitting in supposedly the last existing household.
We only had minutes left. 
Only minutes left for anyone to ever admire what we achieved. If it was worth any admiration. Perhaps it was all meaningless. 
I took a deep breath. I was ready. 
I looked out the window at the ashen trees and took a deep breath of scilence, then the screams began. 


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