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Hey, I am trying to improve the flow of my writing so if I could get some feedback on that then that would be great. Also the quality of the content in general, as in the ideas and concepts, and how that flows in together is something I'm working on so if anyone has any tips on that then they are very welcome.


June 12, 2021

The begining of it all: a contreversal event. It can only have happened one way. Not everyone can be correct. But the begining is something no one knows. 
The scientists sit behind their paper coated desks and insist it began with a bang. The matter of everything just coming out of a single point and swirling around, mixing together, to make what we have today. Chance. 
The Religious people insist there is some greater being, someone that decided homosapiens were a great idea, someone who wanted to create something of their own to then watch it grow and prosper. They read scripts and decipher the meaning to work out exactly how we were made. 
Then there is perhaps the most fascinating of the theorys. That we are a simulation. A growing belief as technology itsself grows, that we are all little specks and particles. That there is someone else out there controling our movements are we are simply under the impression that we are in our own control. 
No matter the begining. We are here now. We were made. We have existed. And now we are in a perelous fight to continue to exist. 


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  • Rose Beta

    I love this! Amazing job!

    3 months ago