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I love to read fantasy and sci-fi books. You will find me at my happiest sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea.
You'll find I talk about my cat a lot, her name is Candy and shes got beautiful long orange hair. I love her even more then my favourite books.
I'm here to use this as a safe space to share what I write and am pretty excited about it!

The Dancing Light

June 13, 2021

A blood curdling scream shuddered through the inside of the airlock. Echoing off the glass walls of the chamber. Mango turned and stared at her friend’s face, cheeks yellow and eyes bloodshot. His iron bracelet was built up with dried puss, fresh blood forcing its way through.  
The familiar smell of singed flesh infected the air, and he began to scream again, grabbling his wrist and trying to pry the wristband off.  
Mango turned and again began to scrub the door, she glanced down at the spot below her where the glass symbol of her people used to reflect the stars. Now it was in shards floating through space somewhere.
‘What’re you looking at,’ her supervisor grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her into the centre of the chamber. She had known turning around was a risk.
She stared at the man’s boots, clean, though a spot of her friend’s black blood shone on them.
‘I said what’re you looking at,’ the man repeated, his voice was hoarse with power.
‘N-nothing’ she shuddered, trying not to throw up on his shoes.
‘Get back to work,’ she began to walk back to her station. One step after the other, then bang.
The pain hit her, strong and sharp, she bent forward trying not to let her mind go to waste from the electrical buzzing taking hold of her veins. She took a raspy breath in and out and the pain subsided.
‘What happened,’ the man taunted, ‘go on, keep cleaning.’
She didn’t turn around to face him. Only stepped forward again so she was staring at the comforting blanket of stars around them, bracing for the hot zap to come alive in her veins again.
When it came, she heard a scream which afterwards she was sure could not have been hers. Her knees buckled and she started to slide down to the floor. Even after the pain had stopped the smell of seared flesh didn’t leave her. As she stood, she pressed her hand to her palm and watched her black blood pool there.
Mango reached up to clean the top of the glass and stared as she saw the pink spot of light dancing on her arm.
The light of the stars.
She looked out into Space and saw a growing shape. A grey blob moving closer.
She turned around to face her supervisor.
‘Speak,’ he said.
‘I need to go outside – there’s a mark on the door,’ she lied.
‘Fine, be quick.’
Mango walked to the line of spacesuits as quickly as she dared and put one on, overly conscious of the growing speck. The material was fit to her body. The round helmet full of her curly black hair.
Preparing the airlock, she checked everything was in place, more for the sake of normalcy than for her own safety. She would not be back.
She checked again that she was alone in the airlock, that everyone else had moved out as instructed, and pressed the button to open the door.
Standing still for a second, she admired the black expanse of outer space.  
Mango knew she would make it. Though to be with her people, or her sister who had not made it when her bracelet got infected, she wasn’t sure.
She grabbed a pair of scissors from her spacesuit’s pocket and looked behind her, the supervisor was looking the other way, feasting on the screams of one of the newer girls.
No one would even realise she was gone. She took one last breath of oxygen before severing the cord holding her to the ship she had been trapped in.
She kicked off as hard as she could and flew towards the other ship. Blurred specks of colour swirled around her as her lungs tried to bring more oxygen in, there was nothing. A moment of panic overtook her as the ship came flying closer.
Mango opened her eyes.
Her vision readjusted as she stared up at the light pooled on the celling. It swirled around in a rainbow symphony as the ship moved. The light danced, and as Mango closed her eyes, she knew she was safe.
She knew she was home. 


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