Peer Review by Maddi123 (Australia)

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By: Holy_Grail

Ravaging comes at a price, as though figments, illusions and scraps of reality were strewn into bursts of pixies and veined stars walking with minds of meteors. Law and death lives there, at the verge of their origins, ruling themselves. Then matter transformed to dust and dreams, children of the Cosmos and rupestral bodies glidied on those laws. 
Two billion years on, the colony never lost its pride. We made our laws, that of movement, figures and each other. One birthed four, four split into sixteen and sixteen formed an inducement. That we should live in the sand and its roots, oceans and its ripples, breaths and their desires, sweat in their crude forms, purses and their contents, lava with its heat, creatures and their generations. 
No one would be like us, however they tried, and like those gliding rocks, we'd remain specimens. 

Peer Review

'Law and death lives there, at the verge of their origins, ruling themselves' - this line perfectly explains humanity. If you were to look st the human race you would see a land where we are ruled by law and the fear of dying.

The talks of Law and how we are ruled by it are very personal but individuals are not talked about. There is more a feel of how the 'bacteria' is a whole being or a whole race.

Reviewer Comments

The flow of this piece is really good and it got me thinking heaps about existance in general. It was a super good read and I felt like the flow remained smooth and pleasurable to read.