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Immersed In Your Soul

June 10, 2021


I love undisturbed suburban nuances,
closet doors catching on discarded clothes
and pitchers of lemonade with 
ice, from the ice cube tray. 
I love unfinished notebooks scrawled with shopping lists
and old birthday cards preserved in beautiful shoeboxes.
I love polaroid pictures plastered to the walls,
fleeting smiles on overly expensive film,
and empty water cups on your bedside table. 
I love blankets that retain the smell of a favorite person,
and DIY stained glass windows catching morning sun. 
I love daily gummy vitamins, sparkling and sugar-coated,
and the indents in your fuzzy rug
where your toes tapped in dance parties, 
your feet caressing it after biting cold winter days. 
I loved you.
I loved being in your world, 
in your orbit, surrounded by all that has made you,
I loved feeling so connected, immersed in your soul, 
that a trillion years could pass,
and we could pick up right where we left off.
I loved loving you,
and I love the memories of when I thought you loved me too. 
This was so fun to write because I looked around my own room for the inspiration of all the little personal things. Though, this was really sparked by a conversation I was having with my family at dinner. We went around the table saying what our favorite part of the day was, and we all said nice things that we did, but when it got to my cousin, who was visiting from Missouri, (we're from California) she said something very sweet. It went along the lines of, "My favorite part was living with you guys as if it was a normal day, and feeling like we could travel far away and then come back and have it all pick up where we left off. I loved sitting on the couch with you and talking, and playing poker on the floor, and helping cook dinner. It made us feel like family." And I thought that that was such an amazing way to put it- sometimes the most connection comes from seeing into other people's day-to-day lives. It helps you understand them so well and makes you so much closer. So, sorry for this long, very philosophical explanation of this poem, but I thought it was really beautiful. 


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  • Rose Beta

    I get inspiration from dinner as well lol! I love this! Amazing work!

    4 days ago