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Watching from Afar - Sci-Fi Competition

June 10, 2021

    One word for the departure of the last caravan of leaving Shuttles, Chaotic. It's bustling with Men, Women, Children, and Engineers preparing for the last departure from the deserts that were once known as Planet Earth. Over a big speaker an announcer calls out a sequence of numbers. The remaining humans on the launchpad sprint for their cruisers.

All but one. Me.

    In sync, all the doors on all the shuttles seal shut. I'm left behind to survive on the barren wasteland or die of starvation or thirst. The gleaming iron doors open with a rush of scorching wind, which howls through the room as the Shuttle caravan takes off. I stand there, trying to be brave, a hand raised in farewell to my family as tears stream down my face. The shuttles vanish into the clouds of dust that plague the earth.

Ten minutes. "The landing is successful! The first humans have safely landed on mars!"
The second they are out of sight, the iron doors slam shut and I sprint around, gathering supplies.

Nine minutes. "The next wave has landed! Atmosphere is almost breathable."

I grab a dust mask, two weeks worth of rations, black clothing to cover me from head to foot, goggles, a flashlight, and extra water to pack into my hiking backpack.

Eight minutes. "The population is thriving here on Mars! Population at 894 humans currently. Next wave is pending."

I snatch a small computer, two cell phones, and a hard drive of a counter and, pocketing one cell phone, carry them into an underground safe.

Seven Minutes. "Plants are adapting! The first five waves are settled in. Wave six just landed. How is Earth?"

I snag a bag of plant seeds off of the counter and store them in a zipped pocket with the cell phone for safe keeping on my journey ahead.

Six Minutes. "Plants are dying, barely kept alive by technology. No longer enough men to handle the higher tech."

I adjust my clothes, putting my dust mask on to hang around my neck, and strap my goggles onto my forehead under my hood.

Five Minutes. "The lack of surviving plants makes for tough weather on Earth. Remaining people are fearful."

I check my watch timer, hoping I have more time. Five minutes until the building self destructs, which will destroy all technology in it to let earth regenerate on its own.

Four minutes. "Evacuation will commence. Earth will have to be deserted, to dangerous to live on."

I scramble around, tears forgotten, as I pack the last minute supplies. I grab my mothers last gift to me, a bracelet, and put it on. To always remember my family.

Three minutes. "The death of most to all plants was the result of our removal of the population on earth."

Pausing a moment to look around at the surrounding tunnels, I think of humanity's failed attempt at survival.

Two minutes. "The first of five caravans has launched. Number two launches on the morrow."

If only we had know to keep more people on earth earlier. The failing plants created an unstable environment. Technology had to be manned for safety purposes.

One minute. "Number Two is off, preparing numbers Three and Four. Have the others landed safely?"

Glancing once more at my watch, I sprint over to my backpack and lug it onto my back, sprint around making sure I grab the last minute explosion remote for emergencies.

Thirty seconds. "One has landed, and all previous ones are settled here on mars. Waiting for Two's arrival."

Looking around one last time, I notice the safe hatch is still open. I slam it shut and run towards the door.

Twenty seconds. "Three is well on it's way and Four has just started its journey. Five will take of Thursday."

I drag open the door, using as much force as possible to open it. I pull up my mask and put my goggles over my eyes for protection from the sun.

Ten seconds. "One through Four are settled in. Update on five." "Voyage is prepared. Earth will be evacuated tomorrow.'

I step into the heat and turn around to slam the door shut. I push against the Iron doors, which are encrusted with sand on the outside.

Five seconds. "The last shuttle caravan has taken off safely. On teenage girl left behind for last minute cleanup"

I spin the lock dial, so to contain the full force of the explosion into the small space and as not to disrupt the flight of the last shuttle caravan from earth.

Four seconds. "We regret to inform you that life on earth is no longer possible."

I spin around and sprint as fast as I can on the barren, blood colored sand. When I'm twenty feet away, I duck onto my knees, and curl into a ball.

I wish for all the people I've cared about.
I wish for my friends.
I wish for my family.
Words - 830

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  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Ohh, okay, thanks for clearing that up

    4 days ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    This is impressive. The fact you got a whole story packed into 830 words is pretty insane. I like how you used a climate issue as your stories structure. One question, is the things in italics earth's past that lead to the present? Or is it happening while the girl is packing?

    4 days ago