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Nola Olson.


June 10, 2021


    We all feel stuck and unable to breathe. We feel like there is no hope or a way out. There is an old saying, 'When a door closes look for a window.' Sometimes there are no windows and we feel lost in the deepest darkest parts of ourselves. What we do not see is the light that is in the people around us. We feel lost and alone and like we do not have a place to call home. We are wrong because we belong.
    No matter all the scars we should embrace who we are. We say we have no one to go to. How about the ones that say they love you? We have friends, family, and lovers, too. How are we so lost and broken when we aren't even found? We say we get it and we know who we are, but do we because all we see in ourselves are our scars. Yes, people leave, lie,  and cheat, I get it is never easy when you don't feel free.
    We tell ourselves that we should be bold, brave, and keep it inside. When all it is doing is creating a bigger hell. The longer we feel betrayed, judged, and different the harder it will be to try and fix it. We have friends and family that are willing to listen, and if not talk to the sky in hopes someone does not think you are trying and audition. We blame and shoot ourselves for what happens, but why we do not control the future. We have tried to take full responsibility of the action when really it was not our faults.
    Yes, we make mistakes. I, you, mom, and dad to. Do not say your alone because there could be someone in a similar place. we may not all have the same drama, and situations, but we do have people that can tell us of their experience of or of something similar to it. We all have hopes and dreams, just hang on to those and don't lose hope. You have me and many others as well.


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  • Brightness Eden

    Re: Yep, totally!

    5 days ago
  • Brightness Eden

    I love the overall point of the story, and your writing style! This is beautiful!

    5 days ago