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Being a Christian, I believe the Earth is about 6-7 thousand years old, so I wrote more from that perspective :) I'm using Earth as a bit of a metaphor for God, as I believe God created the Earth, but if you believe differently, then please don't take offense. I respect your opinions <3


June 9, 2021


The earth waited,
Holding her breath in anticipation,
Waiting the moment for it all to change.

And when it changed,
You would gasp, 
Because she was beautiful. 

Explosions of colour erupted over her surface,
And she spun and twirled under her spotlight,
As green and blue crept over the arid earth.

We entered the picture,
And we grew and we laughed and we lived,
And we died.

We lived in harmony with her,
What she gave to us,
We presented back to her.

Until it changed.
We became selfish,
We kept what she gave.

And so she kept giving,
She sprouted trees, 
She grew mountains.

Rivers ran crystal clear,
Animals ran free,
And yet we took more.

We shot the birds from the sky,
The rivers grew dark from blood,
The sky fell.

And so she wept,
The heavens broke through,
And rain screamed from the sky. 

She washed us from the Earth,
She washed away the animals,
The plants, the rivers, the mountains.

There was nothing left.
But she gave us a second chance,
And she brought us back.

The rivers flowed,
The birds soared,
The trees grew.

It was perfect,
Everything was perfect.
Until it wasn't.

Smoke started to wind around Earth's neck,
She choked, and tried to pull it away,
But it just pulled tighter and tighter.

The rivers stopped flowing,
The trees stopped growing,
The wind stopped blowing.

And she gave up.
She could do no more.
I have no power. You have taken it from me. 

And so she left us,
She let us take the reins,
She slept.

Because we thought we could do better,
That we could take her into our own hands,
And we have failed her.

Who knows if one day she will wake?
But that is our decision.
So we will make noise,
To wake her,
And give her back what she deserves.
Word count: 316.


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  • beth r.

    re: oop ur making me nostalgic

    1 day ago
  • beth r.

    re: 1. ew tellitubiesss
    2. aw ty <3

    2 days ago
  • V-Rose

    This link is for a new chapter of Moonburn!

    4 days ago
  • doodleninja

    also those lines "And when it changed / You would gasp / Because she was beautiful" are so pretty! i nearly gasped out loud myself!

    5 days ago
  • doodleninja

    re: ahhhahaha yep, you got it! if you couldn't tell i was really into ATLA when i wrote that episode XD

    5 days ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Re: Noooooooo!
    Love this btw

    5 days ago
  • barelybear

    Yup, that took half an hour lmaooo

    5 days ago
  • barelybear

    Oh wow! I love your descriptions of the idyllic Earth, and also how she “Washed us away.” That bit was super emotive. Ahh it’s so cool to see people taking a stand for protecting our planet and our climate. I live for the ending too!! A great metaphor — Earth definitely deserves some love right now c:
    Sorry but what does “Took Burr” mean? Like kidnapped??
    And good ol’ Phil heheh it mentioned him? Wow it’s basically a hall of fame huh :D but grandpa just lost his seat in the senate :c
    Yanno I read those last three before the long one and it wasn’t dissimilar to watching the wave go out before a really big one. A build up, for sure. And you’re right, it’s long! Anyways, I decided to find a good chunky space of time to respond, which is now!! Yaya :D

    Woahhh okay that’s a good idea! I should do that with Ellie and tea and marmite :D
    Hah I just remember seeing your profile and how your feed was just a ton of likes on pieces called “Hamilton x” “I love Hamilton” etc XD

    Woah okay. Now that’s a story and a half! Poor guy with all those stories about cliffs, but at least he got Helen, though maybe not for long. Ahhh I absolutely adore dark humour, though it has to be said when I write I don’t go quite that dark. Just a couple of murders usually ahah. I can imagine it would have looked so cool onstage!! And I’m super glad they had the brother as some comic relief c:

    YES Derry Girls is amazinggggg! It’s a comedy and I just find it hilarious. The premise is these teen girls awkwardly trying to be cool and popular. Plus, one of the gang is a guy because he’s English and they thought if he went to a boy’s school he’d get beaten up (because apparently people in Ireland in the 80s didn’t like the English - idk if that’s changed haha).

    Oh noooo! Good thing you had your dad on hand lolll. Sometimes I press the back button on the browser and just hope, but that’s cool!!
    Awh I can just imagine their adorable accents as they whack that guy with an iron bar ahah
    Ummm I’ve gotta say, I liked my first show the best. Nope, not the ballet one when I was like 5. Basically, when I joined my drama group, we did a show made up of a load of musical numbers. I was in the youngest group, so I only had to learn two, but they were amazing!! We did Miracle from Matilda, and She’s in Love from The Little Mermaid, and I just remember feeling so excited and happy, and plus, there was one of the older kids who went round doing (an, in hindsight, garish) blue eyeshadow and I felt so grown up :D

    Talent and adorable factor! Ahh why does he have to be married???
    A pact then. One day, we will give each other shoutouts. Wait omg what if I managed to get semi-famous, enough that I didn’t do many interviews, but every one I did, I dropped a Hamilton quote. Ahh that wold be fun!
    OMG you could have a chat show and invite me on and then we can serenade the viewers with the whole hamilton musical, each song better and more in tune than the last :D :D :D

    Hmm I don’t really know what I want to do. Agh cringey but I might want to go into writing. I think I’ll do history at uni, so I could write historical dramas, or be a consultant for them. Yanno, like make sure the actors aren’t wearing converse, and have their hair done in a way that suits the period. I think I’ll just figure it out as I go along...

    Oh wow, you went there, did you?

    Yours faithfully,
    The one that went down in British history as a mad legend, compared to a certain other “Little guy who spoke to” him. (That sassy click cross thing). :P

    5 days ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    Re: XD no everyones prolly fine i just put the parentheses message in to be 100% sure. how ya doin? love the piece btw, super descriptive :D

    5 days ago