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greek mythology is ever so tragic- everyone sees the folly of the son but forgets the hubris of the father. feedback is welcome.

tragedy of a genius

June 9, 2021



they only ever saw your desperate brillliance
with the same awe of a dying star
the type of intellegence that took in the world in fervent analysis
burning so hot that all that came too close would die.
at first your fuel was poisonous hubris that your nephew paid for.
then you consumed yourself until your core
became nothing but the iron of a genius long dead
you flew with wings of wax and hopes
and lost another to the hubris you had long been weary of.
oh, daedalus,
your son Icarus was but your reflection
of echoed arrogance in an empty labyrinth
understanding the world became meaningless
in the face of such wretched tragedy
your end was fitting-
you burned, expanded, then 
snuffed out in an obscure, forgotten flash.
you've been lost to time.
I lament you and your sins.


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