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Ayyyyyyy macarena

some things i love about you

June 9, 2021


1. When we’re singing a song and I’m being goofy
    And you try to keep singing but youre laughing
    too hard so your voice does that little wheeze
2. When you laugh really hard and your eyes squint
    shut and you put your hand over your mouth and
    nose and make that cute little snort you hate
3. The way you eat cupcakes because you pull off
    the bottom and put it over the top to try and not
    get frosting on your mouth but it makes the cup
    cake too tall for your mouth so youre trying really
    hard to get it all the way into your mouth but it 
    doesnt fit
4. Your thinking face because you screw up your eyes
    and stare at the ceiling and make these little noises
    when You’re trying to think of something to say
5. How much you hate science because you missed a day
    and had to retake a quiz but you put it off because
    you hate that teacher so you took the unit 14 quiz
    After school on the Monday of the last week of school
I saw a tiktok about this kind of thing so i hopped on the bandwagon


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  • psithurism


    4 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    this. is. too. adorable!

    i physically cannot stand the cute-ness

    5 days ago