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Weather Boy

June 10, 2021

Draft 3

I am Timothy DeMatteo, the last kid on our burning planet.
The sun died a month ago. 
The world is nothing close to what it used to be. Let me take you back.
May 23, 2076, started like any other day. I drank my Tundra Shake, and I took the Hotwire to school. The only things on my mind were my solo at the fifth-grade graduation and why I got sweaty when Lily Ross talked to me. We were doing our morning work when something on Mrs. Comer's desk started screaming obnoxiously. She picked up a fancy phone, and her eyes widened in shock.
"Class," She began in a wavering voice. "We're going to have early recess in the gym. Line up, please." She seemed to be in a rush as we moved down the hallways. I glanced out the window as we passed. The sky seemed unusually dark, like it was a thuderstormed dusk rather than mid-morning. When we got there, more of the grade stood in a nervous knot near the center of the room. A TV stood before us, and the group crowded around like a huddle of penguins. Mrs. Comer told us to join the group and pay attention. She then went to stand with a few other quivering teachers. I listened to the kids around me: the ozone layer has completely dissipated! A piece of the sun fell off! A giant wave drowned half of Asia! A weatherman was on the glitchy thing, pointing to about thirty dots across the nation. —NASA, reporting a comet of millions of kilograms smashing itself into the sun. Our atmosphere has been decimated— reports of impossible weather formations—hurricanes popping up like weeds, and tsunamis wiping out countries!—DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!! People stare in shock as the world falls apart around us. I feel harsh winds pound on the roof, and thunder splits my eardrums until I can no longer hear the frantic weatherman. Suddenly, the connection cuts out completely, and the screen begins to freeze and shatter. My ears pop aggressively, and I feel the temperature lower far too unnaturally.
"We're all going to die!" Someone screams. And our anxious huddle goes to hell. Kids begin to scream and run wildly. The teachers disappeared from thin air; not a single door will budge. 
The lights flickered and died shortly after, only adding to the heated chaos of terrified eleven-year-olds. The AC began to howl savagely, but I then realized it was something beyond the walls of the school. And it wasn't around to throw a football. A crying wind tortured the thick oak door that leads outside. I stood stock-still, not able to move my body. Ice formed on the overhanging light fixtures, my head screamed in agony from the pressure drop. The horrific wail of the wind went on for too long. Unknown objects rammed the door, making it shudder and creak. The cement walls groaned in protest; cracks spider-webbed from the ceiling. At one point, debris fell through a tile above our heads, and miscellaneous items crashed down on us. That's when the screaming picked up. My old watch counted out the minutes, then hours, before glitching out from the cold. The screams turned into silent gasps and sobs, mine joining the chorus as well. More objects fell through the ceiling, injuring and possibly killing more and more of my peers. A freezer fell on my foot, and I felt the bone crunch underneath. I screamed bloody murder, and my anguish resounded around the room. I carefully pried my foot from its torturer and gasped over my close call.
In my desperation, I climbed into the freezer and curled up close to cord holes for oxygen. Thankfully, my body heat kept me warmer, but the freeze outside cut through my clothes. The winds and flying objects didn't cease for a long time. Only a few others remained. We were separated by heaps of junk, expecting to be the next. I endured cuts and blood-painted messes down my face, arms, and legs. I silently begged for my mother to find me, but I also hoped she was somewhere safe. 
The wind finally stopped screaming its frustrations. My adrenaline high had long passed, and my shattered foot moaned from their stress.
"H-hello?" Is there anyone still here?" I whisper into the dark oblivion. The door looms ominously beside me. I shuffle past the rubble and try the knob. It turns but doesn't move. I try again to no avail. I scream at it and let my anger carry into choice words. I feel around with my hands; after some searching, I found a working flashlight. I shone the beam around me; heaps of towering junk glow and reflect. I slowly stumble over the closest pile to the hole in the ceiling. I accidentally fumble the flashlight, and I see what has become of most of my classmates. I shudder and cry out but continue climbing. My foot feels like a dead weight, and I slip more than once in my haste to leave the disaster zone.
I'm climbing to mom. I think to myself. I have to make it for mom. No matter how much my foot disables me, she could be worse. I have to find her. I crawl into the attic space, destruction holes ripped through the roof. Items of the school lay strewn across broken floorboards and lodged themselves in bits of the walls. A section of the attic stood in a bitten-off mystery. I stumbled over broken furniture. I peeked out into the dusty midnight beyond. Tears drip down my sooty, blood-encrusted face. The sun floated uncomfortably close to the earth, a small jagged hole in the bottom right of its immortality. There was nothing out there but rolling clouds and firey rivers burning grooves in our once-beautiful planet. Our earth has been torn apart by the monstrous climate bent on destruction. Nothing was left of the world but me and the flames.

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  • Yes_iKnowimShort

    re: ok, i'm sorry I couldn't help :

    about 2 months ago
  • Yes_iKnowimShort

    re: My mom took my phone away and didn't tell me why :((((

    about 2 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: psst if I’m being honest, I’m not a hardcore music fan at all, but Shake it Off just has such a fun vibe!! And thanks ahah c:
    Well, sending you lots of love!!
    Hah popcorn and blankets and “Candy” then :D
    Plus, if we’re going all out. We could drag down a sofa, or at least some cushions. And a cat, because they make everything better c:

    Hehe Ratatouille part two??
    See ya!

    about 2 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: ahah that’s a plan then :D
    I can imagine breakups are the worst, so I hope you’re doing okay c:
    We should start a new movement called ThePeopleThatBringPopcorn, and embrace the waiting. Far more entertaining to observe. Actually, its probably also cheaper being single, so I’m all set to bring bucketloads of butterkist toffee!
    One day though, I’ll move to France, land of romance and onions and pain au chocolats - then the person of my dreams will waltz up to me, I reckon, no awkward conversation required :p
    Have a great day!!

    about 2 months ago
  • barelybear

    Hah, but one day, I will delve into the treacherous waters of romance. Hopefully by then I’ll have
    a) stopped fantasising
    b) gathered info on how to be successful in a relationship
    c) figured out how to quell my natural awkwardness enough to talk to someone :D
    But for now, I’ll take your advice and chill on the sidelines c:
    Hope you have a great day!!

    about 2 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: no worries! Awh that’s adorable! I’ve never had a heartbreak, but then again I’ve never had a romance. Oh well, all the more time for me to stalk and punish this person that broke up with you >:c
    Ahh keep at it!
    Btw I love this redraft!
    *singing off-key* have an amazing dayyyyyyyyy

    about 2 months ago
  • thea_ivy

    This is an amazing story. I really liked how you described exactly what would happen if the sun went out and how quickly things can go wrong. Great job<3

    about 2 months ago