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Dipsophobia: Rose Beta

June 7, 2021

     My knees are holding my chin as I sit against the building made of old cellphones that were forgotten once a newer model came out. Alcohol drips down from my chin as I lose focus of the wine bottle in my hand. It rests in my palm, oddly light, but the sound of the glass hits hard. The ground hadn't noticed the anti-depressants I added, and instead of flowers, brown weeds grew and died trailing my tiny feet. 
As I swallow the last bit of liquid I was holding in my mouth while it burned into my taste buds, I keep thinking that I might have made a mistake. My insides curl as they come hurling out. Acid and wine burn my throat on the way up. It feels strangely satisfying as saliva runs down my throat. I feel calm and overwhelmed at the same time as the vomit doesn't stop. I can feel my lungs inflate as I breathe and my tears start to fall; I feel my toes curl in delight, but the tears don't stop.
"Hey, let it all out. What did you take? Wait, you should share! It's only fair," a woman says as the vomit slowly stops. She helps bring me back up to my feet, holding all of my weight. My arms are numb and heavy against her shoulders but she doesn’t seem to care, in fact, she seems too drunk to care. I wonder when she will die like me, hopefully not before; I don’t want to be alone.
As she helps me sit, we squish all different kinds of flowers that were once people, but they were selfish and smoked or drank—but not both—and their bodies decomposed into a flower. I think about how selfish they were to do that and how many will miss them, but I don’t include myself. I am not selfish—I am selfless, I know that no one will miss me. I will not turn into a flower, though. If I am lucky, a patch of grass, but I will not become a rose or a lily or a daisy like so many others because I mixed the wine with the pills. I never thought that my indecisiveness would take away my chance of becoming something so beautiful. I want to die happy and a little tipsy at the same time, though.
“I like the red stuff on your face; they look nice,” she says, shocking me. I’ve always hated it. I freeze as her cold hands lightly caress the redness embedded on the sides of my jawline and under my eyelids. Her fingertips graze the bump in the middle of my nose. I don’t like being touched, but this is different—this is comforting.
I want to speak, but my gratitude is glued to the bottom of my mouth. I smile, though, and this time my gums don’t hurt, and this time I enjoy smiling.
“You should be happy! The pills always work!” she yells as she pulls the sides of my mouth wider, so my smile appears wider. “I’m Judith! Did you know that? I like your name too! E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H!”
My stomach drops and we are no longer seated in a cemetery of colors. White walls appear and surround me leaving no place out, but it is somehow calming. A painting hangs on the wall—a painting of flowers, in all different colors but when one moves, I step back, terrified, only for it to be Judith standing next to me and tracing the painting with her fingertips. 
“I have always wanted to have a daughter named Elizabeth” she whispers. “Even though I can’t give birth since the hospitals prohibit it now, I would love to share a child with you.” She doesn’t sound tipsy, but serene—oddly, but beautifully serene. Her hands are back on my face and we are back on the flowers. 
I look at her face much more clearly now. I know that this is love but I do not understand how I could feel such things so fast. It feels as if I fell in love with her a very long time ago.
“A poet said, ‘Forever is composed of nows,’” Judith says and pulls me down to lay on the flowers beside her.
My stomach drops again. I am in a candle-lit room filled with bookshelves and  hearths on both sides of the room. Judith is there again. She is settled on my lap as she reads from a book.
“I love you, though,” she says as she puts the book down.
“I love you too, but I can promise that my presence will be forever,” I say and my fingers detangle the locks out of her light brown hair. “The same poet said, ‘If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.’”
“The scientists have already announced our new future. They claim that addicts like me will turn into a flower. They don’t want any more unstable people walking down the street. An addiction is an addiction no matter how much I love you, Elizabeth.”
I realize that this room is terrifyingly similar. A window to the right of the bed we are laying on, the smell of the burning wax from the candles that Judith used to love lighting. This is not just a room, I think as Judith straightens herself on my lap to kiss me—this was my home. 
This time my stomach doesn’t drop and I only feel my feet land as I am now holding an umbrella for the painful rain. I don’t see Judith, though. The only thing that is planted in front of me is a wild Prairie Trillium flower.
As I fall back onto the flowers, I remember everything. She died a long time ago, and I  fell in love with her a long time ago. I feel the tips of my fingers numb as I shrink into a small body of a flower, or maybe a tuft of grass.


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  • barelybear

    What a great concept! You show her sadness and their beautiful relationship so gorgeously!
    Good luck!!

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    umm so currently im watching the friends reunion and parks & recreation (awesome show by the way)

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    Oh wow this is super intriguing!! And also I loooove your profile picture hehehe

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    also, i just woke up its like 9 in morning and you've been online all night! omg pls sleep, you must be tired :)

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    this piece feels ethereal! it's really good!
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    Re: Aw, tysm! There is a prologue too, just in case I forgot to put that in the footnotes. It is kind of important to the storyline so just wanted to make sure you knew about it XD I'm so flattered you like it!

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    wow i absolutely have no words for this. you managed to capture so many emotions in this short piece, I love it! good luck in the competition!

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    im just speechless.
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    (hope im not being too forward)

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