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Writing4Life: The Adams to my King George

My big sis, the potato fanatic and utter genius: Parisienne <3

Feel free to comment a piece if you want a review - I actually love writing them haha ;)

The book currently residing in my heart: Code Name Verity
Has anyone read A Swim In A Pond In The Rain? (by George Saunders)


Have an amazing day!


June 7, 2021

Light split the darkness, cutting out colours and elements: scrapbooking. Helium here, carbon there, as gravity gathered rocks and dust into a messy bundle wrapped in deep blue paper. The match of life was struck, and Earth was born.
She was swathed in microbes, single-celled, oxygen-pumping. They grew with her, watched on as she changed, as she quaked and tore herself apart, as she explored. She went natural, glowing with the soft dawn light; then cool, dark; then fierce, basking under the sun’s brushes. She caked herself with life — bilateria, vertebrates — drawing it up from the oceans to coat her cracking skin. When she hummed along to the cosmic symphonies, her breath bloomed flowers, soaring creatures. When she felt feverish, her goosebumps swelled to mountains.
Sometimes she was dark and angry. She’d hurl her mascara away, cursing at her shaking hands, and scrub, scrub, scrub at the smudge created. Find all the water in the universe; it would be erased.
Someone once told her she suited green, and so she wore it everywhere, even though he was hurtling away from her. Even though now they were galaxies apart. See the Earth? She’s blue, moping, endlessly spinning, but she won’t give up her hope.
She accessorised with colours. Every colour. A blue floppy hat, smart brown shoes, a scarf that wrapped all the way around her, patterned with pretty houses and woven with little people she’d never talk to. Threads. They thickened. The scarf weighed her down, but she didn’t care. It balanced out the blue.
After billions of years, a new colour, charcoal, revved up, ringed by a smoky entourage. Not black, but a moody, artificial shadow of it, arriving manufactured to spread and to overwhelm. It suited her nicely. Green turned to brown; brown turned to grey.
The scarf, cloaked in cloud and heat, grew denser. It choked her and she spluttered on chemicals and tar, all the while gasping down great gulps of oxygen. Her watery fists thrashed behind the threads and pretty houses. The colours seemed washed out.
Still the scarf grows heavier, but it’s shifted.
“Go gentle on her,” a thread is screaming, low, quiet, but insistent. “She is our lifeblood. She is our mother.” It knows that just before the Earth manages to wrestle free, before she casts away her heavy threaded scarf, we will listen; we have to listen.
And then, we will act.


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  • Avril

    re: yeah so true! And aw thanks, you're so kind :)
    Haha yes I have been in such a bad habit of procrastinating the exemplars to the last minute. Last week I made the *brilliant* decision of saving it for the weekend, somehow neglecting to realize that I was working all weekend... And I ended up getting home from my eight hour shift and staying up past midnight to finish it. (whoops)
    And ooh that's so cool that you play piano. I took lessons for a few years when I was younger and I play a little bit now but I really hope I can eventually I can take more lessons and improve my skills because it is so fun!
    Anyway, I hope your week has gone well!

    1 day ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Gotcha :) Omgggg I didn't even realize!! I just you just naturally came to mind, without me realizing it lol
    Aww ty!

    Ah yes same. Yep pretty sure it took over 6 years to get it on broadway. Ach he did...but then again, suppose I did provoke him....
    Omg yesssss. (no one can beat anthony) His voice is just so beautifulll.
    OMG YES! I saw a tiktok (lmao) which pointed that out, and, as an actor, my respect level for Chris went from a 100 to a 1,000. Like boiiii that is RESEARCH. Yeah very impressed by that. Aach I love Washington so much. Also he's like such a different character from Hamilton (you see, the book I'm reading, has Washington as one of the main characters), because Hamilton wanted to run the treasury, but Washington made sure he DIDN'T get paid for fighting. He was such an incredible man <3 Ah yess Hamilton is just everything.
    Ah yes, good fellow. (lmao the amount of times that I've said ah yes)
    Also true! :)
    Thanks! Yeah it went well :D I was pretty nervous as we were not prepared (one girl had surgery on her knee, and was on crutches, so that was re-blocked last week, and she still had to have her script), but I think it went alright. Yeah it did *woop woop*.
    Aha yep lol :P It's really handy when your dad's into tech lop.
    I mean, the play I'm doing now is a different group, but those first 2 plays were with the same teacher (tho one of them was before the group came together). You shoulddd! She tis very disrespectful *shakes head*.
    The album just came out on Spotify and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Have you listened to it? Omggggg I literally cant waittttttttttttttttttt!!!!
    Yeah sorry, I lost my sanity for a minute or two, but then it came back to me uwu
    Uhh sorta? Ach we can pull it off! Also I've been watching all these random youtube videos on The Reynolds Pamphlets where they're all like twerking on the floor and it cracks me up every time.
    Ah yes. (ach I said it again)
    Oh you would be pErfect *nods*.
    And I'd add in a section where unappreciated John gets a few lines in uwu
    The one who got a killer rap,
    That was cut but didn't stop me from becoming president,
    John Adams

    1 day ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: *sigh* I know....I just feel like it's not a thriller story about a megalodon without SOMEONE dying....every chapter.............heh.
    Ah my goodness; tysm. I think I'm the same; I am a very emotional person, and so I get very emotionally connected to them too, so maybe that shows? With acting, I guess I try and add little idiosyncrasies to make them more real, so I try to translate that to my writing uwu
    Also omg, I didn't realize that George was curious; YAS CURIOUS GEORGE!
    Ach sorry about George rip
    Ah yes *nods*.
    Soz, but you'll have to wait for it! (gosh I've used that one too many times!)
    Aww ty!
    You too!
    Ruth <3

    1 day ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Haha
    1) I still fantasize, but it isn't too much, whenever I have some downtime.
    2) Honestly, most of it is pretty in-the-moment, at least for me
    3) I am so awkward, sometimes, but I can make enough small jokes to strike a conversation . . . .
    That's a good idea, especially in the 13-15 age group.

    1 day ago
  • Odyssey

    Re: Hmm... I really like Dear Evan Hansen and Into the Woods and a lot of old musicals too. I've actually never seen Hamilton.

    1 day ago
  • Writing4Life

    wow *dangers from the deep

    1 day ago
  • Writing4Life

    Will you believe it, but chapter 4 of Dangers in the Deep is finally out! Sorry for the long wait!

    1 day ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Honestly, that is the safest route and probably the most sane one, so great job staying out of the way of mostly-not-so-great romantic relations. And thanks, it needed a sort of switch-up to be more science fiction-y. Don't worry, my singing sucks too :) but you too!

    3 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Ach Ellie, I got a rap but they CUT IT!

    4 days ago
  • Odyssey

    Re: Thank you! Also, what's your favorite musical?

    4 days ago
  • Rose Beta


    4 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    omg this end comments are getting so passive-aggressive :')

    5 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Aww thank you!
    Yas il Burr so muchhhh <3 Oh no that part was just out of context lol. It was really just the Burr part that was interesting. (also Washington is like one of the main characters in the book) Ik, but sometimes, that's how it goes.
    Yes sorry 'bout that lol :P
    Most of it is just reading, not replying tho :') But I mean, it's NORMAL people who do short little comments; nay, we do kilometre long ones!
    Ah yes you should. You come up with some interesting results! *happy sigh* Hamilton is MY bae.
    Well yeah, save the fact that Helen's kinda mean to him, which I didn't really get why he liked her then....Yes *darkness* :))) Also I hate that smile so much; it's so.....crooked.............*shudders*
    Ah yes murders are always so fun to write. :) there's that crooked smile again...
    Oh yes, comic reliefs are the best. I've managed to make myself the comic relief in my play (did I tell you I'm doing an acting school? well if I didn't, I'm going to an acting school! We've got our performance on Sunday, which is quite unfortunate as I've caught a cold!), because I didn't really like my characters who I was cast as, so I thought, why not make them funny!
    I just googled it and it looks interesting! Muchness teenage angst...we stan that!
    Ikr? My heart literally fell outta my body for a second! My dad's a real techy guy so that comes in handy!
    Ah yes the Irish/whacking accents were just splendid. (ach I really wanted to meet the cast, and we could've as my sister was in a play with some of them before but we had to go home cause I had to gEt To BeD!)
    Omg sameeeeee! I did Peter Pan, and I was a Lost Boy- oop sorry, Lost gurl, and it was honestly so much fun. (well it was technically my 2nd play, since my first was when I was like 6 and I was Jenny Snow in Little Women. My only line was "eXcUsE mE mR dAvIs SiR, bUt AmY mArCh HaS pIcKlEd LiMeS iN hEr DeSK"...yes I still remember it lol)
    What is it about makeup when you're little that makes you just feel so grownup?
    Ikr?? Like uhhhh I love him so muchhhh. Also I can literally not wait any longer for In The Heights; IM SO FRICKIN EXCITEDDDD!
    Omg yes that would be so good. Hehe we'll both have to do that!
    AH YES! We'll do the entire play, and we'll both play EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. Save Philip and John, because we'll invite Anthony over hehe.
    And maybe Jasmine.
    Actually nah, just Anthony.
    Nuu that's not cringey! That's awesome :D Ah yeah that'd be cool :)
    Oh you BET I did!
    Ever so cincerely,
    The one who went down as a brilliant -albeit short- genius who was very much in his right mind,

    5 days ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    replying- Thank you for the tip on my piece! It's something that I subconsciously do, thanks for pointing it out :) Haha, funny thing, the only reason I started it was cause I had recently been dumped and wanted some romance in my life . . . but I'm glad it's gotten as far as it has. Honestly, I do that so much only to realize have no stable plot behind it other than that small scene. You have a great day/night too :)

    5 days ago
  • FantasyOtter12

    ahhh i TOLD you your writing examples as an ambassador would be amazing!! This is incredible :o

    5 days ago
  • A. Penderwick

    Re: thanks! Haha, I guess I do. Honestly, coming up with name is the hardest part go the quick write, so a lot of times I go back and change them. In the first one, Jessica was Carol, which felt super weird and I wasn’t a fan, so I changed it. Siigh, brothers.
    Yeah, even though I’ve been on here for almost a year, I still sometimes feel kinda new to the whole thing, so CA seemed like a big step. But I definitely think I’ll try again, because it does sound super fun.

    6 days ago
  • Avril

    Wow I love this!! The imagery is gorgeous and unique in a way that makes me stop and think. "cutting out colours and elements: scrapbooking" and "her goosebumbs swelled to mountains". I love the way you've humanized the earth so deeply and the anaolgy of the scarf is really intriguing. Also the ending was hopeful - I hope you're right about it! I think you might be. And wait yeah that is so cool we wrote about the same sort of theme! I think Sophia's had a similar theme to ours too...funny how that is where all of our minds went. Perhaps sad that that's what we all thought of but maybe also hopeful?
    Also kinda late re: yes, that's the one I was thinking of haha! Maybe in a few years when it isn't so fresh for him I'll share it, who knows. It's scary to scare something personal like that with someone as I said but at the same time there's an odd sort of delight that comes from it, you know?
    And more recent re: ahh yes It's so sad that it will be our last one! I loved how having to write the exemplars forced me to write on weeks when I might not have found the time to and it made me feel a bit attached to the prompt in a way...I was always excited to see what other people would write for them!

    Hope your week is going well :) - Avril

    6 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    LMAO I literally just sat down and started reading, and promptly stood up again because it mentioned BURRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I'm sorry for so many comments but I'm literally so excited. It says "Arnold - whoever that is - took Captain Aaron Burr"! Ahaaaaa this makes me so happpyyyyyyy

    6 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Aaa Ellie! Remember that book I told you I was reading that mentioned Alexander and Lafayette? It just mentioned Philip Schuyler; Eliza, Peggy and Angelica's dad!

    6 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    That took like half an hour to type.......

    6 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    AHA I DID IT! If that's not a record for the longest comment ever on this site I shalt REBEL!

    6 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: No, ofc not! FIRST, I searched up Hamilton under usernames, and THEN proceeded to read through all the Hamilton pieces. I am thoroughly enjoying myself. But I always do that for things I'm interested in lol :P You'll find I'm following a whole lot of writers named Ruth!
    All good :) Yeah it kinda is; the description calls it "very dark humour". But it is totally a rollercoaster of emotions. See, the main character has cerebral palsy, and all the other characters are pretty mean to him (which I didn't like so much), and then they find out that this film director is coming to Ireland, and they all want to be in the play. Then there's this dude (his name is Babbybobby :'P) who is gonna take the girl -Helen - the main character - Billy - has a crush one, and her brother (who is hilariousssss) and so Billy writes a letter to the guy saying he has tuberculosis (which you find out later on, he doesn't), because Babbybobby's wife died from it, so Babbybobby (aa i feel so stupid saying that) takes him as well. Then he goes to America, you think he dies, but he actually doesn't, and then he comes back to Ireland. He's an orphan, adopted by 2 ladies, and no one really knows how his parents died. Everyone says they jumped off a cliff into a lake to get away from him, but he doesn't want to believe that. So this dude tells him that his parents actually jumped off the cliff to get their death insurance, which was enough money for him to get medicine he really needed, and so he was super happy. And then he talked to that Babbybobby guy, and told him it wasn't actually tuberculosis, and then the guy unexpectedly started hitting him with an iron bar (uh huh), and then when the doctor came to fix him up, you find out that he actually DOES have tuberculosis! So he decides to ask the girl, helen out, but she said no, and ran off. Then he went away, and heard the 2 ladies talking that actually his parents had tossed him off the cliff, and he would have died if one of the guys hadn't swum out to save him. So he got really sad, and was about to drown himself, then the girl, Helen came running in and said she'd go out with him. So he got happy, and just before he leaves the stage, he coughs up some blood - to really bring home the fact that he does have tb - and then he just walks away. THE END.

    So yeah, very sad. Frick this comment is going to be so long lol. Oh yes, he is tres talented ;) Yeah they were; they were pretty good too! Hmm no I haven't! I'm assuming it's good? (ACH omg, I just deleted this whole comment, and then my saviour dad came in and told me I can just press CTRL+Z and it comes back; and IT DID! HALLELUJAH! My happiness is immeasurable rn)
    Yasss Irish accents are the besttt! Oh yeah lol, in the play they said uhh fecking a lot lol. Their accents were so cute tho I couldn't deal. Ooh good luck lol! I won't have any problem with that; I adoreee music! Just do like.....You'll Be Back, or Alexander Hamilton or somethin.
    Ah yes! That feeling is so awesome. Performing is always so exciting. What's your favourite play you've done?
    Aha yes, thank you :) Omg yes! Like aaahhhhh the rhymes in Hamilton are exquisite. Ah yes, I literally don't understand how people can freestyle. Ohhh yes that was the Graham Norton interview; that bit was hilarious. It's like he said it and then realized where he was.
    No but seriously, if I remembered, I legit would. Thoo, the chances of me getting up there are less than slim sadly rip. BUT IF I DO I MUST REMEMBER!
    Omg yes, I would also die if you said that :'P And then we'll sing a really exaggerated version of You'll Be Back. *nods*
    Do you have any idea of what you want to do as a career? I can't remember if you've told me or not...
    Ohhhh haha :P
    Yours forever,
    The one who manages NOT to spit everywhere when he sings perfectly on key,
    John Adams :)

    6 days ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    The detailing is so graceful and beautiful. This is such a creative way to describe the negative effects we have on the earth.
    replying- I see that, I was actually just in my room when streams of rhymes came to me. It's weird, but it it works. Thank you! I actually started about a year and 1/8th ago. Haha, it's taken all my willpower to not start another series.

    6 days ago
  • Emily Jasmine

    I love this so so much, it’s just beautiful! Your imagery is absolutely gorgeous and everything about this is so well written. I just can’t get over how stunning it is. I’m in awe! <3

    7 days ago
  • Writing4Life

    "The match of life was struck, and Earth was born." Wow, this entire piece is just stunning! Your writing is so emotive, and damn I just love this so much.
    Re: Aww thank you! It's called The Cripple of Inishmaan. While the play had a few questionable remarks in it, the actors were what I really loved. They were so talented! It's kinda funny but I do always imagine how the actors would feel; maybe because I love the feeling of adrenaline before a show. Kinda weird lol.

    Lol thank you :) Ditto! Oh yes, musicals are *chef's kiss*. Ah yes indeed. (ach I thought of a good reference last night but now I've forgotten it......*king george shrug*)
    Oh really? Fun! Yeah, thanks :) I guess I'll just have to wait for it....
    Ikr? Lol I legit couldn't unsee it, it was so funny. Yeah he sang a lil bit, but it was hard to tell cause he was doing an Irish/dying accent....but it sounded like he might've had a good voice lol
    Oh yes, I'll just be all "tO mY bRiTisH fRiEnD: yOuLl Be BeCk."
    Oh heck yeah I did! *happy sigh* Lin is the best. Also he's so frickin cute in interviews; he always gets so excited! Omg have you seen the video of him playing with puppies? If you haven't, you gotta watch it; it's ADORABLE.
    Yours truly,
    The one who's looking down on you but at the same time looking up cause I'm really short.

    7 days ago