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Soccer game

May 15, 2015






. The Soccer Game  

by Hunter Fleischhacker

The intense most extreme soccer game of the century, Karin’s team vs the winners. I know what you’re thinking but no Karin’s team did not win on this beautiful day no. The winners won the game 3-2 with assistance from Isaiah scoring the first two. Then the unexpected happened and Isaiah switched to Karin’s team scoring once with only a little sunlight left.


Two of the people that played on the fateful day got nailed in the head with the soccer ball. One in the back of the head and one straight into the face in front of the goalie. Karin quotes “The unathletic kids vs the athletic kids.” Karin and Isaiah tried so very hard to carry the team on their back but came up short one goal at the end. It was a well fought game on such a beautiful day but in the end the winners earned the team name they were given.





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