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September 8, 2020
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Draft 2: A HUGE thank you to Paisley Blue for helping me edit and revise this. They are an amazing friend and just as great a writer!

Escaping Naivety

June 9, 2021

    Dr.Aekira helped me off the table gracefully. 
    "Everything looks great!" she smiled, eyes reminding me she meant it. "Let's make an appointment for after the 21st, and here's the class later today." 
    Her hand was heavy on my shoulder. 
    "Have a great day!" 
    I changed in the locker room, and it was then that my hands started to shake. I still had time, right? The sun shone warm, and a gentle breeze betrayed my feelings of dread. Nyco's apartment was a block away. What would walking in New Larian be like? I'd heard there were so many people hearing your thoughts hurt. I'd never been there.

    "I'm back!" 
    "Lucira!" Nyco called. 
    His apartment wasn't disorganized but seemed so from all the computers and gadgets. I wandered to where he usually worked. 
"    Nyco!”
    He set down his wiring and pulled up a chair for me so I could talk while he worked.
    “Okay, start welding.” He pulled his mask down, sparks flying. Nyco gave the thumbs up. He couldn’t hear me.
    “To be honest ever since elementary I’ve known what I want. I want to be one of the documenters. But, you and Mom. I’d never see you. Yet if I stay, I’ll have to-” The sparks stopped and he took off the gear.
    I prayed he hadn’t heard me.
    Nyco stood up and wrapped me in a friendly hug. "How'd the appointment go?" 
    I tried not to squirm. "Fine. There’s a presentation at two but-" 
    "You're gonna be great."
    A grimace crossed my features, but I crushed it before he saw. 
    "Yeah. Great." 
    Hopefully, I was convincing enough. He practically pushed me out the door when it was time to go.

    The high ceilings of the room didn't match how small it was. The disproportion made my skin crawl like I was being observed. That was probably the intention of the city officials. From the back, I could see most people were here in twos, although I saw plenty of others alone, like me. The lights dimmed when the woman with black hair walked in. Or rather, was marched in and manacled to the chair next to me. She sighed, moving down in her seat as she scanned the room, giving me a close-lipped smile. I could see her tense under the light of the projector behind us. The presentation started.

    A familiar voice filled the room. We had all heard this presentation before. Knowing there was no way to leave, I turned my attention to the screen.
    "By the early 2030's, the world was on the brink of crisis. Climate change was evident, and as birth rates declined, the elderly--and whole countries--suffered when labor forces shrunk." 
    The images on the screen taken back then were gritty, and I could feel a communal shudder at the empty storefronts and understaffed medical centers. 
    "Large migrations began, leaving much of the world to be taken back by nature. Slowing the warming of the atmosphere, negating changes in climate."
    Every time I was shown this in school, this part seemed to be the only one they glossed over. Still did.
    "Cities like our very own Carva Hills were born for those who couldn't stand the overbearing, contaminated megacities, and seeked a more stable, growth-focused life." I wonder where they got the photos of New Larian with faded paint and smoggy skies. Could it be that bad?
    "So it’s our responsibility to continue the legacy of stability." The images of children began to fill the screen. As my feet nervously tapped the floor, I gazed left, seeing her fists clench, straight hair pressing into the seat as she drew back. 
    "Only by maintaining a stable population can our community thrive. Now, it’s your duty to foster the growth of the next generation." 
    Oh god, I was going to be sick. But I wasn’t alone. With a sallow smile, she leaned over toward me, whispered, "Sorry," and- Oh disgusting! The marshal that had marched her in strode over while she was profusely apologizing. He took both of our arms and we walked silently out of the room towards the showers present in every city-owned building.

    When I was finally clean and redressed (in city-issued clothes) I walked out into the main locker to put my now washed clothes in the dryer. She was drying her hair and laughed when I walked in. 
    "You." she giggled, "You look just like the rest of them." 
    I looked down, but I had to admit the black blazer and slacks looked... like city propaganda. 
    "Sorry, about back there. I'm Emery." She stuck out her hand, and I noticed the svelte gloves she was wearing.
    Now that I looked closer, none of her clothes were the same as mine. She looked... like a high official. Sleek, powerful, and knowledgeable. 
    "Where did-why?" 
    Emery shushed me. "Listen, you don't want to be subjected to the child program any more than I do, right?" I nodded, but departing Carva without leave wasn’t an option. 
    "So let's not! Escaping seems impossible, but I almost got there last time, and now I’ve got you-"
    I stepped back. Cuffs, escort, stolen clothes. She was a dissident, and there was no reason she was alive right now. The city was all about stability, and people like her weren't stable enough.  If I followed her... 
    She stopped. "Oh. You're just like the rest of them. Scared of throwing away your dreams, of being a mother, but more scared of me." Emery spat, anger in her words and pity in her eyes. 
    "I-i can make my own choice!" 
    She shook her head. "Too bad. They've already made it for you." 
    I knew she was right. Time slowed as I watched my only opportunity to escape walk out the door.

    Nyco held my hand. Dr.Aekira stepped away from the moving blur on the machine, beaming. Nyco sighed, relieved, kissing my temple, and my stomach; a knot forming in my throat. I'd name her Emery and hope.

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  • Paisley Blue

    Hmm, yes, very good story.

    Pity that it lacks... mm... high-velocity cornbread? Yeah, I think thats what I'm missing.

    (Lol im kidding I really love this!!! You're an amazing writer!!)

    9 days ago
  • psithurism


    9 days ago