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“Life is like a Camera. Focus on the important, capture the good times, and if it doesn’t work out, take another shot!” Ziad K. Abdelnour

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Journey of my life

June 9, 2021


When I read what I used to write 
How every day was a fight 
How I couldn’t find light 
In this life 
I feel my eyes moist
I feel like the world around me 
Just let’s me be
With this girl I used to be
A girl I don’t even know anymore 
Yet she has hurt me to my core
I read what she wrote
Her cries for help 
Even though she tells everyone she’s fine 
Plastered on the page are
Warning signs
And I just want to cradle her
In my arms 
Let the rest of the world become a blur 
And say
to her
Everything will be okay, 
i love you. 
And its not your fault. 
You are worthy
You are enough. 
I want to say 
Never give up. 
We’d talk for awhile, 
And then she’d ask
“And are you okay, truthfully?”
I’d reply 
With a smile
I’m just hanging on for life’s ride.”


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  • Rose Beta

    Just the way that you wrote this is just too good. Its quite rare to find poems that actually make you feel feelings so truthfully. I love it.

    6 days ago
  • ghostyboi

    i really feel this. every so often i read my own pieces and think about how awful it was back then.

    6 days ago