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I republished this because I realized I somehow deleted a few stanzas from my poem and didn't notice until it was too late to re-add them. *Internally screams* Thank God you can see all your saved versions. Anyway, I was feeling kind of down and helpless, so I wrote this poem for anyone who might feel the same way. Nothing like listening to Taylor Swift's"folklore" and "evermore" and writing to help you cope with emotions! But in all seriousness, never give up, you are not naive for believing in change for a better world. And you're not the only one who has hope.

A Few Shouts Over a Million Whispers

July 16, 2021


You are surrounded,
People on all sides of you
They whisper sayings:

"It doesn't affect me."
"Why do you care so much?"
"No, I'm right.  You're wrong."
"Yeah, right.  Like you're totally gonna change the world.  Keep dreaming, kid."

You cover your ears,
Wishing to drown them all out
You just want to scream

"What do we want?"

Did someone just shout?
You wait to hear it again
Silence, not a word

"I said, what do we want?"

You are not alone
You long to reach out to them
In response, you yell:


"When do we want it?"

Another voice, wow
Others believe what you do
Maybe you're not dumb


Another recruit,
You are now more confident
Boldly you yell out:

"Together we stand strong!"

Despite these voices,
The cold whispers continue,
Trying to break you

"You're too young." 
"The damage's already been done.  It's too late."
"Just leave it to the next generation."
"Status is more important."

The crowds thicken up
You fight to reach your comrades,
To fight for a cause

"We will not back down!"
"We will make them listen!"
"We will make change!"

Only a few shouts,
But they overpower a
Million whispers.
Word Count (For anyone who is curious.): 199


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  • River Rae

    Re: Thank you!

    11 days ago
  • WrenBirdWrites(hiatus)

    Oh wow, cool piece

    15 days ago
  • ✧♬TwinklingLights♬✧

    Re: Uh huh! Go read my bio and message UwU

    16 days ago
  • _streaks_of_stars_

    re: OMG YES. I WAS GONNA make the title based on traitor but then i forgot abt that idea :)) but yes yes yes and thanks sm for your sweet comments! <3

    16 days ago
  • HighEntropy

    This is so strong!! It’s true, we’re discouraged to fight for the causes we want to fight for. But where there’s a will, THERE’S ALWAYS a way!

    16 days ago
  • _streaks_of_stars_

    yess, i also loved it - geat jobb <33
    i also love your courage <3 we need that in this generation - to you know, stand up for whats right instead of just going along with the crowd, you know what i mean?
    and i also want to do what you said^ and I am aspiring to rise up, and inspire the world to be more better bc what it is now - its not the best it could be yk?
    but yeah, great poem!!!

    17 days ago
  • River Rae

    Re: It certainly is.

    17 days ago
  • River Rae

    Re: I got something similar to that, which I why I found it so empowering. For me it was a message that you have to fight for what is right, but also a reminder that you're never really alone.

    17 days ago
  • River Rae

    I... wow. I think I may have teared up during that. If I may ask, was this about anything specifically or just in general?

    17 days ago