concerned deeply about climate change
fan of myths and superheroes

love to vent, love reading vent pieces <3

get my stuff banned more times than I'd like :'(

Message from Writer

"I'm running away from my responsibilities
and it feels good."
- Michael Scott

questioning the system and then feeling helpless is a feature of the the teenage condition. so, apologies :)

Hey Google

June 30, 2021


boomers think of the internet
as a detached entity
almost satan
and then consume everything 
it wants them to

zoomers think of the internet
as a part of themselves
documented ever since they were born
and then consume everything 
it wants them to

negative self image blues
inflicted upon
by facetuned anorexia?

we got a subreddit or two
encouraging obesity
and distract yourself with memes
haha this guy has dementia!

there's a gal on Google scholar 
searching names
a guy making his livelihood 
playing games
and then there's you
you lay
still and 
watch him play
for hours on end
sleepless and
deteriorating health

modi is a reptile
sonia wooed a man
donald's from Russia
peppa pig's a sham
here's a thousand different diets
did Epstein kill himself?
struggling with identity?
put a label with this test

maybe buzzfeed quizzes
and keyboard activism 
aren't a crime
but maybe nana was right

maybe I am wasting precious time

but where should I invest my time?

"hey google"
a piece about the internet, ironically using the internet. wow I'm so meta I'm so Reddit I'm so unique.


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  • sci-Fi

    ok i read this a few times and i just love how it reads. i cant explain it, but something about the writing made me want to read it over and over again.
    also such an important message, the line about the meme of the guy with dementia rlly got me

    4 months ago