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Gosh, even writing about this makes me happy. I loved writing this; theatre holds such a special place in my heart, being what started me on my love (more like adoration) for acting. In case you didn't know, being an actor is my absolute dream. The play was so incredible, and the actors were just amazing. (oh and in case you were wondering, the main actor looked like a cross between Harry Styles and Anthony Ramos - from Hamilton -, also with a mix of Alexander because he had long hair in a ponytail hehe)
Um so yeah, it was great lol

the magic of theatre

June 6, 2021



stepping outside the car, the frigid night air bites my skin. to my right, the circus blares playful music, and i can only imagine what is happening inside. it is lit up with flashing lights, and the long field is occupied with many different stalls. but that's not where we're going. my sister gets out of the car, flashing me a smile, and together we walk to a small building dropped in the middle of the car park. a single man greets us outside the building; he holds a small flashlight up to illuminate the code with which to sign in. once done, we head inside. nostalgia washes over me, and i smile, relishing in the sweet memories. it is a theatre, small and rather nondescript, save the posters plastered all over the walls; dating back to the 60s, they transition from black and white photos, to crisp, clear, and coloured ones. each play that has carried out in the theatre earns a spot on the wall, and to the right of those plays is a small board, with a picture of each of the casts faces. i laugh, and point to the main actor, noting how he looks like a mash up of a singer and an actor my sister and i love. we wait for the small doors to open, and reminisce on earlier days at the theatre; my sister had been in a few of their plays, and the memories of seeing her at them was pleasant. finally, the doors open, and we walk through them. we squeeze past an elderly couple, to take our seats, third from the front. i'm by far the youngest there, the audience mainly occupied by more mature audiences. i didn't mind; i'm here for the play, and nothing else. the theatre is small, and wouldn't hold more than one hundred guests. i can see the stage, sectioned off into three different areas. i imagine how the actors must be feeling; opening night was just last night, so the beginner nerves wouldn't have rubbed off yet. i could imagine them touching up their makeup, adjusting their costumes, running through their lines, adrenaline pumping through their veins, as they awaited the beginning. in a few minutes, a voice comes through on the speakers telling us 'the play is about to commence'. soon, the lights dim, and as music starts to whisper through the speaker, a spotlight shines on the stage and it begins.

i watch, eyes wide open, drinking in every word. i feel my heart thumping through my rib cage, faster and faster. i laugh, i smile, i cry. i am caught on every word, and i feel as if i am living the very story in a dream. 
at the end, i wake. we clap as the cast dance their way onto the stage. i smile and cheer for them. 
and it affirms me more than ever,
that that is who i'm supposed to be.


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  • June 6, 2021 - 10:46pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Renegade_Writer [ChildOfGod]

    Awww, thx! Maybe I will enter...

    4 months ago
  • barelybear

    I - lmao - did you just search up “Hamilton,” under title of work, and then proceed to like every piece that came up??
    And why did I not think to do that??? XD

    Re: hehe thankyouuu

    Ooh sounds dark haha. Omg singing whilst doing “An Irish/dying accent” this guy has no end to his wealth of talents! Awh so they were all Aussies doing Irish accents! That’s amazing! Also, it reminds me, have you seen Derry girls??
    It’s a British comedy series, set in Ireland, and their accents are *everything* (though there is some strong language). But basically, I am in love with Ireland now c:
    (Oh, and all that talk of avoiding pop music and the next prompt is about my favourite song!! This one’s gonna take a little thought...)

    Ahh yes the adrenaline!! It makes you feel those emotions like 10x harder, and I love that moment when you look out and all you can see is light, but you can feel the audience and the energy that’s coursing through the room. Man, it’s great!
    Yes, you’ll get there :D you’ve got a hunger (I was just like you when I was younger) - sidenote how does Lin get so many good rhymes??? I’ve seen him do improv rap too. He must be super smart! And keksksk YES he is adorable!! I saw him do a British interview/performance, and he got to the bit in My Shot where it’s like “Britain keeps * on us endlessly” and he did this cute little sorry uwu face as he said it. Awhhehehhe

    And omg I think I would just about die of excitement if you said that!! If I ever get on a tv interview, I’ll give you a shout out like John Adams, would you like to do some yoga?? Time to take your shot!

    Backstory: we have an Australian teacher, who does sports but is all about mental health so most of the time we do yoga, and now that’s my best Australian accent haha

    Yours royally,
    the immature one that boogies on down because haha I’m taller than u :P
    King George c:

    4 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Re: Ya. Mont.

    4 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    I love the descriptions and the lower case letters and it's wonderful! I've never been to a theatre. One day...
    Re: Oops, I forgot, sorry! Oh lovely!

    4 months ago
  • barelybear

    Ahhh omg which play was this?? You’ve gotten me completely in love with it!! The details of how you’re “Drinking in every word,” are so cute, and I also thought the bit where you imagined the actors’ nerves was great too! I was definitely wrapped up in the magic <3

    Re: oh wow no wonder you start early then! Good luck with it!!
    Ah yes I just don’t really listen to a lot of pop music. Maybe I should, but I reckon I’d be fixed on Adele or smth, rather than the dancey tracks or the popular songs. In any case, I’m happy with the range musicals offer me
    Raise a glass to belting, something they can never take away (now matter how they hush me) c:

    Ooh I see that sounds super cool! I do a drama club on the weekends, and every so often we put on a show, nothing too professional, but it satiates my love of theatre :D
    Usually we do a load of dances, with the occasionally real acting play. I’d definitely recommend joining a group like that!
    As for that troupe, don’t let anything stop you!! Keep applying, for that and other opportunities! Sucks that they don’t hire so many girls your age, but I guess one day you’ll be old enough and then you’ll show them c:

    Ahhhh he sounds so great!! Wow where can I find me a guy like this in the UK?? With looks like that, I bet he can sing amazingly too ahah

    Hehe when you’re famous, on an interview you must give me a shoutout in a British accent, and then we can laugh our royal heads off :D

    Oh man you really went for the Lin vibes with that one!

    Yours sincerely,
    The one running spending sprees :D

    4 months ago