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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

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greek mythology is a go-to for a poetic extended metaphor, if you ask me.

pomegranate promises

June 4, 2021

persephone longed for love; she just didn't know it yet.
within the jelly like bubble of pomegranate grains
lays the seeds that sprout like sea waves
crashing, furling, turning until they bloom skywards
and leave humanity speechless.

persephone founded pomegranate promises
a pact that states "love is born from free will
and restraint and darkness and hell and death
and seasonal sadness and a mother's rage"



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  • boston

    just perfect, love !

    4 months ago
  • celestialbard

    greek mythology extended metaphors always slap and this is no exception!! i love it!!

    4 months ago