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Never Dine With Gnomes

June 3, 2021


Now you may find it funny 
Or you may find it odd 
But I guarrantee you you should never 
Dine with a gnome
Let's just say they won't be eating 
Roast chicken or grilled cod

If you like snails, grubs and garden slugs 
Or you think garden dirt 
Is really most delectable 
Then you might not scream 
"Get out you little thugs" 
When you dine with gnomes 

Now they're sweet and cute and friendly 
And they can come in handy 
When planting flower beds 
But I wouldn't advise dining with them 
If you don't wish to eat 
Grilled toad or pickled sparrow head

I would advise strongly against 
Dining with the gnomes 
Would you care for a drink 
Of pondscum with green foam? 
And in your bowl of sugar 
Wriggling squirming worms 
There really is a lot of food 
With which to come to terms 

Now all that I've mentioned 
Is really quite disgusting 
To take food from gnomes 
You must be very trusting 
But the best is yet to come 
So says my gnome friend bert 
For a gnomes very favorite meal 
Is certainly dessert


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1 Comment
  • astrea

    this was bizarre in a good way! : )

    4 months ago