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I go by Aspen(he/him)
Ftm trans
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Favorite poem: Plurality by Louis MacNeice
Favorite desert: tiramisu
The best way to spend a free day when I'm alone is fishing with a cast net until tired and sunburned.

Message to Readers

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

Dear Future Me: Happy Pride Month?

June 1, 2021


Dear impatient future me,

Yes! It's summer finally! You are really happy right now because it's the first day of pride month. Your smile was extra huge and beaming when you saw the container of baby powder sitting on the bathroom counter for months to be occasionally used that for some unknown reason has the pan flag on it (Mom hasn't realized it and that's what makes it priceless). Summer is around that corner, and while that might mean relatives that don't support you, awkwardness in public, and dysphoria (especially chest dysphoria because of the beach), it also means a blank canvas. It's a summer. Anything can happen, but you already know this because you've lived it. I really hope you thanked your uncle for helping your dad come around to support you. You're probably reading this because you can't wait to get chest surgery, hormones, and most importantly actual friends in person. It's a lot better where you are now, I can promise you that. Today you said "Goodbye" to your partner until it's safe again to talk (hopefully this period of time is only 3 months maximum). If you made it this far, you're pretty strong and you can keep going. Look for the bright parts of life, and embrace the sad because you need both to feel the gravity of either. Go and kiss your cat on the forehead. Possibly make a trans flag. Look at something simple and mundane that piques your curiosity. Do whatever brings a smile to your face. And don't feel like you need to please others. You got this and there are people who care about you! 


Your insecure younger self
I'm going to be gone for a while, so I think it's best to write to myself in the future because wow am I impatient. I'm not going too have much support, but there's definitely going to be lots more ways to distract. Happy Pride Month! Have a great summer everyone and stay safe! 


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  • Spade

    Happy Pride Month! Stay safe and well!

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Happy pride month!! this made me smile :)) you're always so uplifting and make me happy to be around you! have a great summer, until we see you again!! :))

    4 months ago