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June 1, 2021


There is so much wrong with this world. This much seems obvious right? But I bet you're thinking of the wars that happen, or how easy it is to get a gun or maybe even some of the things that happen to other people in other countries. I am from the UK and I am aware that there are other problems in other countries, things that should never happen but still seem to. And I won't say that I know most of it or to understand it or it's effects on the people in those countries because I don't and I never will. But I do know the problems that this country has, the 1st world country that I live in. And you'd think that there aren't many problems since it's a 1st world country, and in comparison to others there aren't but when you don't compare and when you look at the facts and understand them more importantly there are things that shouldn't happen. So why do they very rarely get addressed? Why do people try to just ignore them?
The way that minorities in this country are treated are not fair and that's not even a problem just in the Uk either, this happens everywhere and it shouldn't. The way that the people taxes are divided is wrong and inefficient. Then there's the issue of the things that are taxed being wrong. The way that schools and residential homes are evaluated is wrong and, again, ineffective. The way that the government run this country, i mean for fucks sake our prime minister used our taxes to pay for his decor in a global pandemic. Police brutality and even the justice system in this country is flawed in so many ways. One example of this is the fact, emphasis on fact, that drug dealers get more time than rapists do. That is wrong on so many levels.
And I think what makes it worse is that it isn't talked about enough. The most attention it gets is murmurs between people and the occasional news story that makes it out briefly for a day or two. When we get mad at the things that happen nobody does anything, nobody talks or does anything about it. I believe that if everybody got mad and everybody did something about it, it would change, there would be societal reform. But nobody wants to risk it and why? 
There are so many things wrong with this country. The way that muslims are portrayed in the news and throughout media is appalling, and why does nobody seem to mention anything when white people commit acts of terrorism or when christians commit these same acts? This feeds into racism and nobody seems to care until it effects them. And why is it that christian and catholic masses are mandatory in schools throughout the UK. Once again this feeds into the oppression of people that have a different religion. And just to name a few religions that seem to be criminalized by this are muslims, sikhs, pagans of any kind. That's only a few large groups of people that this effects. Why do people criminalize immigrants? Just because they speak another language, just because they weren't in a place where they could apply for citizenship straight away and wait? None of this seems right does it? Everyone has the right to exist, everyone its a basic human right no matter where you are, but apparently people don't seem to know this since a lot of people seem to forget this.
Why is it so difficult to get a sex change if you're transgender? Just because they weren't born who they are doesn't give anyone else the right to affect who they are, why do people see it fit to make others feel awful just for being who they are?
Why are the things that are taxed necessities and classed as luxury? Just because AFAB individuals uncontrollably bleed out of their vaginas every month mean that AMAB individuals get to decide that they can make loads of money of of it? That is not a luxury? Why are razors taxed more when they're targeted at women than when they're targeted at men? If razors get taxed they should be taxed the same amount, right? And why does nowhere seem to have enough money from these taxes? Where does it all go and why is it so inefficient, oh right the government decide without consulting the people it affects. And they apparently end up deciding wrong, what other explanation could they have for it? And why does the price of someones clothes affect how much they cost, or the quality of them? Why aren't the prices all the same for all the sizes available? And why are bras so expensive if your breast size is bigger than a D? Why not average the price and make sure they all look nice and are affordable? Why are the richer people always ahead in life, why do they get more opportunities than poorer people do? Just because they have money? Shouldn't people have the same opportunities regardless of gender, wealth, race, religion, sex or sexuality? Why are gender non-conforming individuals not allowed to identify as they are? Why does what women or AFAB individuals wear impact anybody else? Why are students forced to wear expensive uniforms that are uncomfortable to school? Why can't the uniform be comfortable and affordable? Wouldn't it be much easier to learn or retain information if you're comfortable? Why does having a mental illness impact where you are hired? Why does your personal life choices that shouldn't influence getting a job influence it anyway? And why are grades the most important thing to adults? Why do people pressure children into getting good grades when it's not as important as they say it is? Why do men have to go out of their way to make sure women aren't threatened by them? Why are we so embraced into this rape culture?
There is so much wrong with this country that people refuse to admit or talk about. Things that everyone refuses to do anything about. And I know full well I have missed out many many things in this article but I hope when releasing this people strat to acknowledge the issues we face because how can we expect to help anyone else when our own country has problems as well? 
AFAB= assigned female at birth
AMAB= assigned male at birth
please don't report this piece it means a lot to me and I worked hard on it. I believe people should know about these things.


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