hey! i'm from australia, and i'm thirteen. some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, reading as watching shows. i'm a libra, i love life and i never have a favourite author for long. i write over-dramatic, sad and no-happy-ending stories.

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"when people write, nothing can possibly be chimera. writing breathes colour to the world around you. your imagination is the paintbrush."
lowercase intended :)

violet blue green red

June 13, 2021


violet blue green red i'm a whirlwind of emotions with you.
one minute I'm a purple dream,
a lilac lavender field to sink into.
a burst of maroon lightning,
a fleeting love poem to you.
then you colour me blue.
ocean still and peaceful
ever thinking about you.
you show me unimaginable colours 
deep green that's in your eyes.
lush jewels shining,
an emerald palace,
my only desire.
then you hurl on the reddest paint,
it hurts to think to about it so i lie.
you unleash the monster within me,
you commit my crime.
violet blue green red which colour will you show me this time?
idk i was listening to cinnamon girl by lana del rey and I got addicted to the "violet-blue green red" part. 


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  • Rose Beta

    I love this! And I love Lana too!

    3 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    Ooh, the color descriptions are absolutely stunning. And your diction is wondeful!! I'm in awe...!!

    3 months ago
  • Monicaxzz

    10/10-- It's weird how we can write all these words just because of thinking of that specific thing that drives us all into creating art. I really like this piece, niceu.

    3 months ago