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the gulf between society and i

May 31, 2021


I don’t have the heart,
don’t know how to reply
to “why don’t you go out with your friends?”
with anything other than a lie

because I have a long list of acquaintances.
but somewhere along the way,
everyone picked up the social skills
that I never got.
“I don’t know what to say”
that’s the truth.

No man is an island
and yet its been years 
since anyone washed up on my shores.

I’m drifting farther and farther
from the mainland
and no matter 
how hard I paddle
or how far I swim,
I am one of life’s drifters.

So no.
I couldn’t say that I have 
a million and one acquaintances
and no-one I can really call friend,
that I have a crush on a boy
and no idea where to even start.
I stay at home,
listening to Taylor Swift on my island
and wondering where I went wrong.
This one is definitely dedicated to the girls in my ballet class who dug me out of the hole I was in when I wrote this poem (see ‘a love letter to the family i choose’ for more sappy gratitude to these ladies).


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  • celestialbard

    'I am one of life's drifters' is such a beautiful phrase omg

    3 months ago
  • Coeur

    This is a lovely poem!! Some of the imagery is really compelling, and it's overall really nicely done.

    4 months ago
  • HighEntropy

    aww this gives me feels. I was an introvert too.. but my acquaintances in middle school helped me become better at socialising! hope your ballet friends did the same 4 u hehe..

    4 months ago