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my irl friends kinda ghosted on here..
WtW twins with ~rain~ who is amazing! Check her out especially if you're a tom holland simp :)
kathryn siena, my awesome WtW sister, she writes some gorgeous poems!
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"I mean it's sort of exciting, isn't it? Breaking the rules" ~Emma Watson
"Me!" said Hermione. "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery." ~Hermione Granger Goblet of Fire
"My coach said I ran like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too" Mia Hamm
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A Confusing Boy And A Movie

May 30, 2021


The tears have near dried by the time you smugly walk through,
a charm casting over the room as you come into view.
The stress is there in the back of my mind, but it's few,
you're smug wiped clean as you come over and kick off your shoe.
God I'm pathetic, spending an hour watching shows with you,
but I love the way your shoulders don't tense during the scary parts too.
The comfort of light reflecting like a mirror reminding me not to subdue.
The deja vu comes quick like an adrenaline rush, but your posture tired yet anew,
tossed hair left over and you don't move it as you glance at me, all this new,
though I know your history, can't help but see your concentrated smirk different than the forced glue.
Whether or not the main character was cheating drifts from my mind, the space between us nearly none, nearly untrue,
my blond hair falls opposite to your black and this time no withdrew, 
eyes sparkling like diamonds as if it's normal, yes and no a cue.
Not a big deal to you, never worrying about being insecure or making sure nothing overdue,
I like the risky ride we take but sometimes my jaw tightens as I think of him, one who hasn't paid his dues.
You say you're not like him, say you're unique, and I almost, almost, believe but I see not brown but blue.
Can't choose, but you've seen me at worse and nearly best, never like the girls you've dated as we say "ooh"
and can't stop wondering if it's real or normal to you, think it's something you can undo?
My bsf's cousin...
Veronica, I think you can figure out the deja vu :P
Speaking of deja vu, am I the only one listening to sour but mostly brutal and 1 step forward, 3 steps back, on repeat...? :p


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  • Nikki

    also, i would like to take a moment to appreciate ur pfp.
    I LOVE IT.
    its so good that it requires a full stop

    4 months ago
  • Nikki

    AHHHH THIS IS AMAZINGGGG. i can honestly picture this person!!!!
    re: omg *crying emoji* thank you so so much for your feedback. i did go with running away, it seemed perfect :) and yes! i did also make a reference to the previous text. im so sorry for this horridly late response, ive not been too active here.
    anyways, thanks a ton delph :)

    4 months ago
  • ~rain~

    lovely, delph. the descriptions are just ahhhhhh "eyes sparkling like diamonds as if it's normal, yes and no a cue" beautifulllll
    re: let me know how things go. i wish for the best!
    ohh, drama, yeah i try to let myself stay out of that but i always end up in the middle of it. thank god my school isn't sharpay evans type of drama but still lol, things get stupid. last school year i told off at least seven boys (who liked me) and i told them to stop calling girls b-words for no reason and they stopped. i got detention for that but HAH i needed to show 'em that i'm fierce. i'm sure you've had similar problems with that too lol.
    as for the tests, i hope they go well!!
    ah okay. my parents are for trump, but i won't tell what my opinions are for trump or biden. let's just say that i didn't like the fighting and drama that went into the election.
    aw oh no!!! you don't deserve to be treated as the third wheel, delphi. you deserve much better. at least they made it up to you, but if they do that again there's something going on with them. i would try hanging out with your crush and only your crush because it seems as if your friends seem to make things a bit difficult on you? idk, that's just a suggestion... maybe it's a good idea? lmk what you think. and aw he seems so nice to be there for you, i'm sure that he really cares for your feelings.
    and yayyyy surfing!!! that sounds awesome. i can't wait to see if you write a piece about that, i already know it's gonna be amazing. and wow, the junior olympics?!?! good luck!!!!! please tell me what happens!! that's very exciting!!
    i'm doing okay :) luke called me the other night and told me about this baseball tryout he's doing and idk, i felt as if he was kinda just using me as someone to rant to? i was a little mad at him about that until he told me that he likes me. idk if he meant that as a friend or something more... i told him "me too" and then he had to go because he had to eat dinner. ughhhhhhhhhhhh IDK WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOO it is killing me. anyway other than that i'm playing tennis, getting back into competitive swimming after a 2 year break, playing guitar... so i guess things have calmed down a bit and everything is ok!

    4 months ago
  • kathryn siena

    re: thanks :)
    also, no. I love that album so freaking much!

    4 months ago
  • veronica bancroft


    4 months ago