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May 29, 2021



her throat is parched, dry and crumbling into sand.
all these words clawing to get out--
long-fingered hands reaching for air
dripping with zeal, with the desire of expression.

alas, her mouth is sealed shut,
killing off communication, and with it
that last spark from fire of passion.

and she's all that's left.
a girl and the chaos of the thoughts in her mind.

can you hear me?
I'm sorry--this is really bad. I've been struggling to write lately. I have so many things to say, but I literally don't know how to express it. So my thought was just to force myself to write, and maybe that ability will come back again? I don't know sorry.
(Also that last line is from my favorite song "She's in the Rain" by The Rose)


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  • Busssy.Beee

    oh wow. this is so heart-wrenching and haunting(?) in a way? absolutely wonderful, wonderful! <3<3

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: ok! i think people will like ittt :) i'll definitely notify you when the next chapter comes around! also no worries, i have that problem too sometimes.
    lol yesss, jimmy is one of the best comedians out there... how could you not like him?!
    hah, thanks! and omg that would be so scaryyyyyyyy... this one time she was mad at her son (who's literally 2 days older than me and my best friend) while she was cutting my brother's hair and his hair was fine.
    and oh, i get that. i'm really impatient only when it comes to movies (I NEEEEEED THE SPIDER-MAN MOVIE THAT COMES OUT THIS DECEMBER, AND BLACK WIDOW). i was always the quiet kid who would wait for anything. except for movies.
    lollllll, i would have a pfp of me now but i'm obviously insecure about some things (ofc not with you, just with some kids from my old school are supposedly on here and that scares me to death). but idk, my hair might just look different to other people lmao.
    that's me too lol. although my local radio station plays the clean version and i like how she doesn't make it to where you can hear the first part of the word (you've probably heard "peaches" by justin bieber, you can tell what word he says in the bad version... it was a bad song in the first place if you ask me). BUT SHE STILL SAYS- you've already heard it lol. from me and olivia.
    i've never seen that one (but omg, i love love love home alone). and ouchhh that's um, that's hard. my dad had to cover his eyes with joe (my brother) the first time we saw iron man (i might've been eight, he was like 6) in this part towards the beginning with i think it was the news lady? or pepper? i can't remember but it wasn't really the most appropriate scene...
    me too, she's so good and has an amazing singing voice. honestly though the fact that zac efron starred in the greatest showman made me like "OH NO, NOT HIM" bc my whole childhood was spent watching disney (high school musical was seriously like my favorite movie). but he didn't do too bad in the greatest showman, i guess.
    lol its fiiiine, no worries lol, plus your message board shows my old username so i though you wouldn't have forgotten it. i don't mind, you can use rainey if you'd like :)
    if i break beth's heart, i'll feel so bad... maybe i should explain it to her first. but tom KNOWS how amazing he is with his amazing british accent (which all the girls love bc we have boring american accents... no offense i'm sure you have a great voice lmao) so i'm sure he has feelings for me... even though he and i have never met... and uh how can you have a husband you've never met...? *cries in confusion* I NEED TO MEET HIM!!!!!
    omg noooo. ok. i'm a social person with people i know really well (unless it's wtw, some of them are complete strangers... not you bc i've talked to you a lot). i mean he and i are pretty good friends and i would never want to ruin a friendship. but 5th grade... 5th grade was good. i'm waiting for him to ask me which is probably the wrong thing to do... i'll let you know how things go with that lol (i also don't want to ruin my relationship with tom but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?).
    i haven't seen knives out but i'll try to find it! what is it about? and lol me too but if i saw tom i would be like "omg all of my dreams have come true." i don't know what i would do haha, but i would find a way to get to know him other than youtube :)
    i seriously cry with every movie. i cried when tony died. i cried at the end of "onward" (another tom movie hehe). actually i cried at the end of almost every pixar movie... i'm an emotional person when it comes to movies :/ which is like super weird idk why lol.
    aw thank you! thats so sweet of you, i really appreciate that! the storm is practically gone now but we have some damage to take care of.

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    (omg that comment is so long, i'm sorry!!!!!!)

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: lol, i don't take most things seriously at all... but omg "the tonight show" solves all of my problems (especially those thank-you notes. my favorite one was probably "thank you, take-out restaurants who put two forks and two spoons in the bag... for being nice enough to assume that all this food i ordered is for two people" lol)
    and i'm sure you look perfect!! you should never underestimate yourself. i was always so scared when i get haircuts, my mom's best friend since kindergarten cuts my hair and she's such a confident person, but also super scary when she gets mad lol (i was scared of her when i was little). i cut my hair short when i was in 4th grade (i'm going into 8th next year) and now it's like down to my waist lol. and ahaha, that's funny i honestly think that's true in some way.
    lolll thank you... my mom did my hair that day. my friends fight over that picture saying "ohhh you were a blond" and i'm like "uh it's brown" and now whenever anyone talks about 5th grade, they're like "wasn't that the blond girl who saw spider-man and not any of the other marvel movies?" yep, that was me. and ackkk a model?? maybe... idk.
    omggg IKR? i'm the same exact wayyyy i'll say it but i hate it. and it's the same way with movies- "the sandlot" is pg but it has lots of bad words and harassment (if you've seen the movie you'll know what i mean by that). at the same time, it was the '90's, nothing was the way it is now.
    and i don't like the jonas brothers very much either... some of their songs are ok but not really.
    eeeeeee ikr, zendaya is such a good person... as mj she's completely different. she did an amazing job in the greatest showman too!! i love her... but then tommmmm ahhhhh i love the way he interacts with her... wish that would happen to meeeee.
    lmaooooo that would be "rainey holland" but almost everyone calls me by my middle name, "grace" so i used to use my real name and then well i'm insecure sometimes. i feel bad for beth who was married to tom at one point (oh well, let's just say she got divorced)...
    and yeah, i mean my crush kissed me on the cheek in 5th grade but then nothing happened after thattttt. he flirts with me but at the same time he's nice to everyone so i'm still a hopeless romantic :/ and ouch, my mom said she was never getting married or having kids and well she was wrong. like i said, never underestimate yourself!!
    ikr, those people are so wrong. It's not like Marvel is gonna reveal the answers to their questions in the first place...
    and lollll you like chris evans right?? he's pretty good, i haven't seen him outside of marvel tho. my bff's cousin got to meet him and i was like "AHHHH WAIT YOU GOT TO MEET SOMEONE YOU KNOWS MY BELOVED TOM????" i was so so sooo jealous :(
    and eek black widow's movie is gonna be the absolute best, i know it! (i cried when she died)
    oop yes that would be me too. just a heads up- i'm going on another hiatus bc elsa is hitting where i live and then going to camp next week so i'll be gone for a while :/ dunno when i'll be back but i'll try my best to respond to your comment if i can!

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: omg thank youuuu!! honestly i don't feel too pretty most days... lol but my pfp is of me when i was 2 and whenever i look at it i'm like "omg i was so cuuuuute" so that cheers me up most days :)
    also haha i'm like that too, i hated justin bieber's "ghost" (from his album "justice") at first and now it's one of my faves... most people hate him but if you read the meaning to his song "lonely" you'll probably cry for him... no one wanted to listen to him when he was young and he almost gave up. such a sad story.
    and olivia cussing... dude i was so mad at her for that. she doesn't cut the word "damn" from "good 4 u" and i'm ngl, it makes me kinda mad. also with other people like jonas brothers, they don't even have clean versions to their songs. i'll forever hate them for that (yet i'll still have "sucker" stuck in my head... a story for another day lol).
    and bahaha i loved mj in the first movie, she was so interesting and hilarious... the detention scene where she wasn't supposed to be there was one of my favorite moments in any of the marvel movies. or she and peter in the opera house, "you look pretty too" haha. she's amazing.
    and lmaooo just like beth said, "tom has the face of an angel."
    oh and ouch, i wish you the best when it comes to dating... i'm "too young" according to my parents and i'm over here like "uhm, i'm already MARRIED to tom holland. even tho he's... 10- no 11 years older than me" lol. irl tho, my crush isn't awkward like peter, thank goodness for that.
    and tbh i don't believe most of those theories. they're trying to manipulate marvel to give us answers, but those peeps are crazy. AND IKR??? they killed gamora. they killed natasha. they killed pietro. they killed vis. they killed tony. steve is now super old. what is UP with that? are they trying to get us to cry our eyeballs out literally??
    and no you're fine! i hope you have fun with your cousins! and oof that sucks... ik some latin but not much... but trust me there's harder languages. my dad took arabic in the naval academy and i mean it was useful to him at the time bc he went on deployment to iraq and bahrain... but he forgot half the language lol.

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Re: awww, of course! :) thank you so much, that means a lot to me. :)

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: yeah they are overrated.
    and omg how could you not like good 4 you?! i love it, but what i don't like is that she always cusses in her songs or says a word that's not "appropriate." she does have a clean version, tho, for any of her songs that have a word in it. i'm also obsessed with "without you" by the kid laroi- the rest of his songs are kinda eh but he's like 17 too! how do these younger singers get so lucky?!?!
    i knew he liked her too but i was like "excuse me, mj? you are a liar, you don't just like peter bc he's a superhero" lol. honestly i love awkward couples tooo and then it makes me feel awkward bc whenever i start dating i feel like i'll be like that... hah. the kiss was cute tho i'll give tom that lol.
    oh yeah i heard that one too, but maybe it's true? idk, we've never seen or heard any of natasha's past (except for in age of ultron when wanda messed with her mind and she was in like a ballet studio or something? idk). unfortunately marvel has a history of killing people off... but my favorite theory is that ant-man has been fighting alongside the avengers the whole time... that blew my mind. a lot of people disagree with me, but my brother has been re-watching allll of the movies to see if he can find scott but idk, it's just something that will never be revealed, but it's fun to think that it could be true!
    oh and yeah, she's awesome (i loved her untitled series) and i missed her... ever since she left i haven't seen much from her. but at least she's (hopefully) back!
    anyway, are you doing anything fun this summer?

    5 months ago
  • Lata.B

    The emotions you put out through this piece is so real. Sometimes this actually does happen and you have described it so perfectly.<3

    How are you? I haven't rlly been on WtW but i miss my online friends<3

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: thanks! and yeah i think that like everyone can relate to that with covid and stuff, you know? it's been hard times :/
    lol yes i'll ask her, she and i haven't talked in a while so i definitely will talk to her! my cousin asked if i like kpop last week and i was like "yes and no, it really just depends on the person" bc like i've heard some of blackpink's songs (you've probably heard of them) and i don't like their music :/ soo
    omg yesss my bff and i legit love olivia! good 4 you has a place in my heart, whenever my crush tells me that he likes another girl i'm gonna scream that song in his face. maybe. lol. i like her songs "drivers license" and "deja vu" best tho, they're upbeat and get stuck in your head lol.
    yesss it was probably my favorite too... i thought mj was this funny weirdo that wouldn't be very important but turns out she actually has feelings for peter. i thought it was pretty funny when he was in the security check and may put the suit in with a little note and he's like "uhhhh" lol. or the part where he's like "oh i love zeppelin!" dude that's back in black...
    and i burst out laughing when he's like "i really like you..." bc for one, i'm super awkward like that too, and bc tom is just adorable when he says that hahaaa.
    i almost screamed at the end when he revealed his name.
    black widowwww yasss premier access costs like 30 bucks from disney+ and i would much rather watch it in the theaters, so i think my dad is working on getting tickets. I WISH SHE WASNT DEADDDD although there is a fan theory that she comes back but it's like super far-fetched so i doubt it. the movie is way overdue and i can't wait to see it lol.
    i found it really weird when i got back, there was like no activity at all. it makes sense if everyone is tired out from school tho and gives it a break. hopefully people come back soon tho, including you! i miss reading more of your writing! and i really hope that helps you! lmk if you want any prompts, i've found some on pinterest that are pretty cool :)

    5 months ago
  • ~rain~

    i had to take a break from wtw for a lil bit (it was like a month or so) so i'm just now responding to your comment, sorry!!
    re: i do like a some of BTS's songs thanks to you and some of my irl friends lol. "butter" is pretty good, so is "dynamite" so i guess i've really just heard their really popular songs. i'm currently listening to olivia rodrigo, she's my favorite singer rn :) have you heard of her? she's fairly new, on hsm:tm:ts (high school musical: the musical: the series) which is on disney+ but i refuse to watch it bc disney channel movies and tv shows crushed my childhood lol (a story for another day).
    anywayyyy i watched the 2nd spiderman movie and omg why does tom have to be so cringey when he talks to mj lmaooo... i honestly have to say that i'm jealous of her though, i would die for even a second with tom holland hehe. AND THEN THE PART AT THE VERY END AFTER SOME OF THE CREDITS i'm shaking my fist at marvel, that was so mean of them >:c they gave us a huge cliffhanger... nooooooooooooo i have to wait til december for the next parrrrrrt :(((((( but i'm sure you get me lol, we stan/love tom holland :) and then black widow come out like next week! i'm seeing it in theaters hehe, are you??
    anyway how are you? is your summer going well? i've noticed that the amount of activity there used to be on wtw like disappeared- did something happen or is everyone on vacation or something?
    btw if you're still experiencing writers block, you should look up "writing prompts" for whatever genre you'd like on Google and it'll give you a bunch of options :)

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    i was so excited when i saw it; i almost didn't think it was real!! ahhh don't get my hopes up i don't thnk i'll be able to handle it-
    what do you think of the song?

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    re: ahhh yes you were right
    right it's always kind of funny to be writing about felix, and no one even knows who he's based off of
    ahh okok! ofcourse, as you should be!! i always feel like it's such an accomplishment when you find and stan a kpop group on your own. idk what it is. that is really impressive, since they weren't as popular until recently

    5 months ago
  • Deleted User

    This is honestly very relatable to any writer. But you express it so desperately and powerfully, I can feel the emotions of the piece. Wow. And I love the last line! <3

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    re: don't EXPOSE me like thattt most people haven't connected the dotes-
    loll it's a ff im writing on wattpad that i'm just transferring on here, but i haven't told anyone that...
    you don't have to read it if you don't want lol. i just have multiple ffs on wattpad, and this one is probably my best one, so i put it on here as well.
    ohh okay i'll watch it later tonight!! that'll help me a lot in getting to understand what happened.
    when did you start stanning the rose?

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    re: ahh thank you! i'm so glad you liked it ^-^
    right?? his voice is incredible!! the emotion that pours through is really amazing.
    ahh okay that helps me a little! i wasn't sure exactly what had happened, so i'm trying to find out. yeahh i did hear abt the company though. they really shouldn't have overworked them so much.
    i completely agree!! they really are :)

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    i meant woosung, not wooyoung. multistan things, i'm so sorry!!

    5 months ago
  • gabimarie

    hi! i just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing!!
    haha i also have another motive; i think you recommended The Rose to me? anyway, i'm officially OBSESSED with them and their music. but you didn't tell me THEY'RE ON A HIATUS im so upset.
    wooyoung's voice is beautiful ohmygosh. someone said that he sings in fancy cursive and now i can't unhear it. anyway, thank you so much for letting me know about them. i was a casual listener before, but now i might become a full time stan. they're so good!!!

    5 months ago
  • Coeur

    this perfectly encompasses what writers' block feels like--! the first stanza is really cool though, it's wording is powerful and pretty raw, like Avril said.

    6 months ago
  • Jasmin khawar

    Re: aw thanks XD
    Also, ariana is a lovely name <3

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    re: thanks, that means a lot :)

    6 months ago
  • Avril

    oh wow this feels raw and intense and I love it! "long-fingered hands reaching for air/dripping with zeal, with the desire of expression" - I felt that.

    6 months ago
  • ChimChim_1

    Re: Aww, I purple you too!!

    6 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: aw thank youuu
    and yeso that's us, the marvel- er- geeks? idk hahaa i'm so tired- i went to a water park today and i'm totally braindead :/ anyway how are you? (BTW I LOVVVVE BTS'S NEW SONG BUTTER IT IS AHHHHHH lolll)

    6 months ago
  • ~rain~

    wow... this is so beautiful yet so sad...
    (also my name changed, it's now ~rain~ instead of rainey grace :)

    6 months ago
  • HighEntropy

    C'est genial! Love the descriptive way in which you have talked about her words.. (and about the footnotes, you're so awesome.. try some prompts. You'll push thought it :)

    6 months ago
  • alwayswriting

    omg I have goosebumps... i love the "clawing" and the "long-fingered hands", great use of words/imagery!

    Re: thanks for your comment, it was so sweet<3

    6 months ago