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Writing poems and short stories! My genres are romance and historical non-fiction (sometimes fantasy). I occasionally write about serious topics.
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May 29, 2021



Prompt: Yesterday afternoon, you were out being basic as usual, taking pictures of the sunset at the beach, when a guy approaches you. He asked if you could take a picture of him and his girlfriend before whispering to take a video instead. Next thing you know, you found yourself witnessing a murder… while capturing all of it on video.

You reluctantly start the video. You are not a romance person, everything around that is just so dull and unexciting. You need a certain thrill in your life, the thrill which can be only achieved with a single life.

You watch the couple through the phone. They are a sweet couple. They look so happy, as though they are made for each other… You even smile a little, until you notice something in the man’s hand. It is a small, shining object, but definitely not a ring. It’s long and thin… a dagger?! “Oh my God…, WATCH OUT!” you shout. The woman flips her head, just as the man pierces the dagger through the woman’s heart.

You are speechless. You feel as though your voice is stuck in your throat. He pulls it out, deep red blood running down the beautiful silver. You lower the phone, staring at the scene in front of you, but for some reason, you are not scared. Why are you not scared?? Instead of running, like a sane person would, you slowly approach the man.

The man smirks, “Thank you for your services… Now give me the phone and run along”. You just stare at him, replaying the scene in your mind over and over. You never expected couples to be like this. You always thought relationships are boring, but this… in this moment you realise, this is exactly what you want.

“Are you deaf?” the man asks. “I said give me the phone!”

It is your turn to smirk. “How about I take this,” you take the phone and put it in your purse, “and give it to you later, say… on our first date?”

He is confused, but gathers himself quickly. “Uhh sure”, he stutters.

“Great, I’ll pick you up. See you then…” You turn on your heel and continue walking along and chuckle. What were the chances of two psychopaths running into each other after all?
Hi, I got this prompt from an instagram account. It's not what I usually write but I am trying to widen my genres:) I also found a liking in writing in second person, it makes the story intriguing and mysterious...



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  • serein

    re: of course! and thank you as well :D

    16 days ago
  • ect.13

    Ooh, wow! You really manage to captivate me, even in the short piece - I'm reeling! Well done :)

    Re: thanks so much for your comment!

    16 days ago
  • serein

    i'm literally speechless. No joke. After reading this I swear I got the most thrilling You definitely have a way with words.

    16 days ago