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My Trip To Roshar (Read Footnotes First)

May 28, 2021


    I place my copy of The Way of Kings on the small podium next to a granite arch. There are a few whizzes and whirrs, then a loud bang opens the portal to Roshar, Brandon Sanderson's said-to-be fictional world. I step through the glowing blue-white portal and into Roshar. My first thought as I step onto the rocky ground is, I've always wanted to go to roshar! 
    As I walk into the war camps, everyone stares at me as I walk down the neatly ordered road in my unfamiliar clothes. I stare back at them in their fancy ones, while I take my time observing the scenery and stalls. I'm glad I remembered to wear my glove. Otherwise, I would be considered half-naked. As I walk up the soulcast palace steps to the front gate, my path is barred by two familiar figures. I recognize one as Kaladin Stomblessed! The man next to him is Sigzil. 
    Suddenly, a horn blasts. Moments later, the door flies open exposing a running man in his fifties, followed by two younger men who look related to him. Dalinar Kholin! The king's uncle. Dalinar slows to a walk next to me. "Take a message to Navani Kholin." He says in a deep voice. "I'm sorry Brightlord," I reply quickly, "but I am unable. I am only visiting for a short while." He looks at me clearly for the first time with a confused face. I bow, then walk away. As I pass the person who I think is Adolin, I slip a fashion magazine into his pocket.
    Checking my watch, I realize my hour-long Roshar trip is coming to a close. I watch the surprised faces as, with a bang, I'm transported back through the portal to my library and to Earth.
I entered a writing contest called Going Places in my city, and we were supposed to write about somewhere we have been or want to go. This is the piece I wrote for it.


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