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Mind Wiped (temporary title)

May 27, 2021


As a child, I grew up not caring for the business Mother and Father did with their coworkers. As carefree and young as I was, I grew up not knowing the many trials that awaited when I turned twelve. When my twelfth birthday came around, Mother called me into the office. I entered the office and saw Father sitting at the desk with some papers in hand. Mother’s eyes looked red, like she had been crying. Mother turned, sniffling, and left the office. 
“Charlotte, as you should know, your twelfth birthday is coming up, and you are to be “cleansed”-as the mindfulls call it-” Father says. He continues to speak, still looking at his papers. He apparently does not realize how incredibly bored I am.
When he finally looks up he realizes I am not in my seat but am staring instead at a small bird on the back porch that is eating a worm.
“Charlotte!!!!” he says loudly.
I start and turn to face him.“Yes?” I say timidly. Father doesn’t yell a lot, and the outburst makes me nervous. 
“According to the three mindfuls, your memory is going to be erased at nine-o’clock sharp.” He says, looking sad and somewhat worried. Because I don’t normally care about stuff adults do I only know that the three mindfulls were the rulers of the land Salingrit, which I call home. But now I am intrigued.
So, I quietly ask, “Can you tell me about the three mindfulls?” A shocked expression appears on his face, and he stares at me in some sort of daze. He snaps back into focus.
“They are the first of our kind,” he says quietly. “They decide our test.”
“What test?”
“They have possession of 8 special stones. They erase your memory, they erase memory of those you love, those you hate. And they erase the events that happened previously in your life. Then send you on a…”
“Do you remember your name and age?” I ask.
“No. As I was saying, they will then give you a task. They will decide which stone to put your memories in corresponding to how you acted to solve the task. When you touch your stone, all your memories will come back.” 
“What is your stone?”
“The stones are only for your memory. When the stone is presented to you by one of the three mindfulls, you will get two of fifty talents.”
“What are your talents?” I ask, suddenly curious.
“I can influence people to do many things, and I … um … well, I’d rather not say.”
“Alright,” I say reluctantly. “What about Mother?”
“I don’t think it is my place to say.” he admits. “Your mother and I are trying to find a way for you to keep your memories.”
“Oh,” I say. “Well, I am not a fan of having my memories erased.”
“I wasn’t either, but don’t tell anyone, ok?”
“I also need you to promise me something. Promise me that you will not tell anyone, not your friends or anyone. Nobody is supposed to know until the messenger arrives. Do you promise?”
“I promise.”
“Now, If you need to talk about anything feel free to tell me at any time, ok?”
“Alright,” I agree.
“Now time for bed, this is an important week.” Father says. I say goodnight, my head racing with questions. As I leave the room, Mother meets me in the hallway and leads me into my room, her long black hair swishing around. It is past her hips and the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. When she tucks me into bed, I ask her what her abilities are. She fingers her long hair, staring at me with sad eyes.
“My ability is,” she sits down on the bed, squeezes my leg and continues saying, “I can influence people like your father can, and I can control the water near me.”
“Cool,” I say. “What is Father’s second ability?”
“That is not my place to say. Get some sleep, you will need it.” Mother says she stands up, turns off the lights and exits the room before I can say anything more.
This is the first chapter of a book I am writing! Any suggestions are very helpful!


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