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Don’t Forget Me

May 27, 2021


Meeting in school, two teenagers began, without realizing, to fall in love. Their love blossomed like a flower. It reached for the sky, unbreakable and undaunted. They were together night and day. Always ready to watch the sunrise in the morning. Always wanting to be with each other. Then, one asked the question they were both waiting for. They were wed and were happy during many future years.
The disaster struck, making them both wish for the good days, the days where joy was the strongest emotion. A letter arrived, summoning them to court. They stand together fear dancing in their eyes, dreading the near future. A side door flies open, and they are forcefully pulled apart. Screaming each other’s name, unable to stand being apart. They are there for a crime of their parents and one of them must pay the price not meant for them to pay. 
One volunteers to save the other, despite the protests and sobs. It is a death sentence. Cuffed and on their knees, they say two unforgettable sentences that will forever echo in the head of the other... “Don’t forget me, my love. I love you.”
I felt like writing something sad, so I did. :)


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