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May 14, 2014



Most things I wish that were/weren't true about life are rightfully where they fall. However, there is a few things I wish could be altered. For instance, one should not have to wait 16 years and 6 months to obtain their driver's licenses. If you pass the required written test and take Driver's Ed, you should be able to get your licenses. 16-year-olds SHOULD NOT have to ride the bus with annoying elementary children. Just saying. And not to be political, but the drinking age should be 18. If you are eligible to fight for our country, you should be able to legally have a beer. Also, I wish terminal illness and life-long diseases could just disappear. I'm not talking about a little cold or allergies, I'm talking about forever illness. I wish no one was sick. I wish with all my heart that you can eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound (with the exception of gaining enough weight to be healthy.) I wish chips and brownies and ice-cream were the new vegetables. I wish people could get along. I don't mean there shouldn't be arguments and disagreements. People just shouldn't die over them. I wish school wasn't so ridiculous sometimes. We learn all this stuff that we will never use ever again. Not that we should have our career picked out, but if it won't apply to us later in life, why should we learn it? For example, Geometry. I'll never use that again in my life. Careers, on the hand, teaches us about insurance and what to do at an interview. Another thing, plane tickets shouldn't be so pricy. People should be able experience anything and everything they can and they can't do that if a plane ticket to Japan cost $500. I wish boys weren't so stupid. Enough said. I wish people weren't starving or dying or living in mud houses. I wish girls in and Pakistan could go to school and learn and write and think. I wish that people could look around a see how great life is. You woke up this morning, so smile. When you stop and really look, everything is beautiful. I wish people could stop waiting on the weekend, waiting to be richer, smarter, or older, waiting for something good to happen. We have this life and it really is too short. Say what you think, be smart, have fun, care about stupid things less, love more, and always work hard. .

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